San Francisco Wheelchair Van Rental Friendly 49 Mile Drive

San Francisco Wheelchair Van Rental Friendly 49 Mile Drive

San Francisco Wheelchair Van Rental Friendly 49 Mile Drive

For anyone planning a trip to San Fran but are a bit limited on time, you’ll have no problem getting bang for your buck upon taking the famous 49 mile drive, designed specifically for purposes such as these. It was created to showcase the city’s attractions back in 1938 for tourists coming to see the newly opened Golden Gate Bridge and Oakland Bay Bridge. Since then, the route has been modified and perfected several times over the years. Here are just a few of the best San Francisco wheelchair van rental friendly attractions for anyone with limited time in Shaky Town.

Japantown: If you’re a traveler, then you can appreciate the cosmopolitan aspects of the city. San Francisco is one of the only cities in the country that has a Japantown, and it doesn’t disappoint. Historically it was named Japanese Town and is commonly referred to as J-Town. Here you will find how two vastly different cultures collide to make a stimulating amalgamation of foreign and familiar. Get the best sushi in town and then take a trip to the mall. There are also many festivals in Japantown, so keep an eye on the calendar before you go.

Jackson Square: One of the oldest commercial neighborhoods in the city, Jackson Square retains its character as classy, artsy, and tourist friendly. There are up to 25 art and design galleries. It is known to be the interior designer’s paradise. And it’s not just impressive indoors either. Jackson Square is full of beautiful 19th century buildings that give the neighborhood a truly European feel to it. So if home decoration and/or architecture is a personal hobby or if you’re interested for professional purposes, Jackson Square could be your resting place for the duration of your stay.

Fisherman’s Wharf: Are you a seafood connoisseur? Although Fisherman’s Wharf is a bit out of the way from the rest of the city, it is nonetheless one of the most frequented tourist attractions in the 49 mile drive, especially for those with a passion for fishing. Not to mention that it is located in an especially flat part of the city, making it easier for people with disabilities, which is hard to come by since SF happens to be an especially hilly place. Crack open a drink and take in the fresh SF air as you sit at the dock and catch fish with the family.

Alcatraz: It’s one of the spookier parts of the city, but definitely a must-see, provided you have the time to spare. Located in an island off the coast, Alcatraz is one of the most notorious high security prisons in American history. It is not 100% wheelchair accessible, but you can find here information on exactly what parts of the prison you’ll be able to check out.

Twin Peaks: Now that you’ve got your California wheelchair van rental, you can take all the scenic road trips both within the city and beyond. One of the best views you’ll get of the city is from the Twin Peaks, 900-plus feet in the air, giving you the full 360 degree experience of San Francisco. Not to mention that the drive itself is pleasant and the air is fresh.

There’s plenty more where this came from. In fact, there are 45 other attractions for you to choose from. So if these four don’t jump out at you, don’t give up on San Fran just yet. Book a trip today and have a drive through the Golden Gate City with no worries in a Wheeler’s San Francisco wheelchair van rental. For more information, give them a call at 800-456-1371.

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