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A Man of Healing Power

A Man of Healing Power

A Man of Healing Power

All it takes is one minute. Allow yourself at least one minute to watch any of Robert Smith’s EFT videos, and most anyone should find themselves mesmerized. Not because of any hypnotic topics or secret tricks — Smith is just simply approachable. His voice is calm and his words are direct and simple.

EFT or Emotional Freedom Technique was originally created by Gary Craig. Having trained with Gary Craig, Smith developed a technique that still utilized tapping as it’s healing power, but that’s renders itself accessible and approachable: Faster EFT. This new technique incorporates multiple modalities, making it an approachable and flexible healing tools.

How Faster EFT Works

Faster EFT is a thinking system that addresses how and why we have problems in our life and moves towards trying to change those problems. However, the word problem is vague, but that is because Faster EFT can work across many different points of personal issues.

  • Lupus
  • Fibromyalgia
  • Addictions with drugs (meth, cocaine, or heroine, etc.) or food
  • Phobias like spider, snake and public speaking
  • Depression
  • Self-deprecation


…and these are just a few examples!

In order to address these problems, Smith works on the basis that problems are created from our human experiences. The problems we create through our stories and attachments to our emotional baggage (we all know we have baggage!) can be unlearned by understanding these unconscious connections.

The healing comes in the power of the mind. Remember the often slandered “placebo effect”? Well, Smith helps emphasize that this is actually proof of how powerful our mind can be in helping ourselves heal.

Smith tells us to aim our thoughts at that very feeling. By identifying this, we can aim our cognitive efforts to unlearning these perceived problem. Just like our mind can heal an ailment when we are given a sugar pill, Faster EFT can trigger this effect more intentionally. We can create the belief in our mind of overcoming our associations we find damaging that have created our problems and change the course of our unconscious mind.

Beyond Faster EFT

Smith believes that this personal transformational tool can help people find control and peace within themselves. And truly, through his work, he emits compassion, support and empathy. No thought or emotion is shameful or embarrassing. With his wisdom, he has helped thousands transform their unconscious minds into an entity that can be understood and driven  to help heal themselves.

His work reaches beyond just the scope of creating Faster EFT technique. He continues to volunteer in rehabilitation clinics, work closely with practitioners and clients, and most importantly preaches accessibility to all those in need of help and healing.