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Steve Worley: The Core Reset Diet

Steve Worley: The Core Reset Diet

Steve Worley: The Core Reset Diet

Steve Worley, author of The Core Reset Diet, makes every single person feel capable of changing their undesirable food habits. After having struggled for years with his own weight, Worley began taking to his own research and explorations which allowed him to find a way to lose weight and sustain a new lifestyle.

Losing weight is difficult on the body and mind. It is very easy to fall into a state of defeat and hopelessness. Once weight is lost, it can be very difficult to maintain the new body. Often, weight loss is gained through great restriction and can be challenging. Our bodies are not just corporeal material, our bodies are physical entities tied to a spiritual entity.

Worley discovered that his lapse, between the body and spirit is often the greatest obstacle to losing and maintaining your ideal weight. The “Core Reset Diet” as a weight loss method is not a diet of outlining what is “good” and what is “bad.” It is about reconnecting the body and spirit to help individuals tune into their circadian rhythm.

What does the circadian rhythm have to do with weight loss?

Worley explains that our heart rate, blood pressure, respiration, and hormones change and shift throughout this 24 hour cycle. Generally, they are higher in the morning and lower in the night. By matching our food intake with this cycle we can find a more satisfying and efficient use of that energy. Needless to say, Worley is a huge proponent of a large, plentiful breakfast.

The circadian rhythm is one of three main keys to achieving an ideal weight.

The second key to your sustainable weight and food relationship is your spirit. The spirit is most balanced and happy when you eat according to your circadian rhythm. As you nourish your spirit you are able to understand what your body wants, craves, as well as why or when it may crave certain foods.

This brings up Worley’s third factor of balanced eating.  For those of you who struggle with overeating, eating at the wrong times, or even anxiety around eating, Worley believes this blocks the synchronized communication between the body and its spirit. Once we begin to connect the two, the spirit can help indicate to you what it needs from nourishment and what might be good or bad for your specific body.

Worley understands the emotional and physical struggle of weight loss and self image. Through his first-hand experience, Worley has been able to tap into a dynamic and supportive way to create a sustainable relationship between the individual self, food, self-image, and health living.