4 Steps To The Perfect Study Break

4 Steps To The Perfect Study Break

4 Steps To The Perfect Study Break

It’s the worst feeling looking back at day 1 of class when your teacher told, right off the bat, the date of your final exam, then proceeded to warn you time and time again throughout the semester, only for it to somehow evade your schedule all the way up until the night before. You told yourself that this time would be different, because this time you were actually going to study and do it right. And you did! You took time out of your day to sit down and familiarize yourself with the material of the class. But then, inevitably, five minutes, ten minutes, maybe even a half hour rolls by, and it comes time for a quick break. Five minutes turn to ten minutes. Before you know it, an hour has flown by and going back to work seems more dreadful than ever. This doesn’t happen in a vacuum. There’s a reason why you keep encountering these scenarios, and you owe a large part to your study break habits. It’s time to turn a new leaf and make those breaks more productive. Acknowledging the problem is the first step. Then putting change into action is what follows, which is all the more doable with the help of exclusive tutors.

Set a plan with a list and times

To do lists are great because they’re designed to reward you. If you have a goal that is written down, you have a reason to cross it out. And for as long as it stays there, it will linger and bother you to the point that you just get the thing done already. Include in your list times in which you need to have each of your tasks complete. Factor in priorities and how much time you think each task will take. With a list of tasks and times, you will have something productive to fill your mind with during your break time so that when you get back down to it, you’ll need less time tuning back in.

Stick to the plan!

The more regimented and discipline you can be, the more productive you will become. Do not allow yourself to go a single minute beyond the amount of time you’ve allotted to yourself. And while you’re on your break, you should still keep your work on your mind. Kicking back and relaxing comes once the whole mission is complete. In the meantime, you’re just stretching your legs and organizing your thoughts.

Eat REAL Food

Movies to the public a disservice in a lot of ways. Too many show people munching down on potato chips and junk food. Don’t do that! Use your break time wisely. A filling, nutritious meal is something to look forward to once you complete a task. But don’t eat too much, as you don’t want to knock yourself out for the hour and end up dozing off at your desk once you get back to work. Avoid MSG at all costs.

Make sure the restaurant is a short ways away from your place of study

You’ve been sitting (presumably) for hours. Your focus depends a lot on your physical health. If you can release all of that extra energy on a bit of exercise walking to lunch/dinner/break meal time. Get outside a bit stretch those legs.

Make a plan. Follow it. Eat. And walk. The keys to a perfect study break routine. Learn more about how to maximize your study experience with Big Apple’s exclusive tutors. To set up an appointment, give us a call at 212-479-0830.

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