Access to education is transformed by Virtual Schooling

Access to education is transformed by Virtual Schooling

Access to education is transformed by Virtual Schooling

Wealthy people and foundations have the possibility to take risks with their money that governments can’t. And when the these risks are related to positive social impact, these bold and brave approaches are worth it.

Some philanthropists are bravely taking  this bold approaches in order to change the way we see education. Around the world, those in a disadvantage position face difficulties to access mainstream education. And those who have an alternative, soon discover that any alternative provision if any, is not enough to cope with a normal school day.

But technology is offering groundbreaking alternatives to the traditional education, and the concepts of online education and virtual schooling are becoming more and more common. This means a huge improvement in the access to education and a new hope for those who can’t access physical schools around the world.

Until now, the internet was used in education settings around the world to broadcast lectures and lessons that help people to learn on their own, combining these lessons with games and other online tools such as chat forums, community discussions or one-on-one tutoring. Now, some education providers from the private sector are building a new model of online schooling.

This live videoconference school model, allows students to attend a school through a technology very similar to Skype from their homes. Meanwhile, their teachers give the class from a small school building with interactive whiteboards, chalkboards and video-cameras. With this system, teachers are able to monitor students attendance, organize students to work in groups, punish bad behavior and to encourage social activities and school clubs.

Although at the moment these schools are only available in elite private settings North America and Europe. And the Stanford Online High School is in fact, one of the top performing high schools in the US, philanthropists are taking chances and trying to demonstrate this model could be made available for the equivalent cost of traditional public education, without the hazard or difficulties of attending to a school building and the same -if not better- social and academic perks.

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