Chicago Twins Accepted To Nearly 60 Colleges

Chicago Twins Accepted To Nearly 60 Colleges

Chicago Twins Accepted To Nearly 60 Colleges

College application season is coming to a close. Decision time is here and as far as news is concerned, it has not disappointed. Just last month, a girl from Long Island was accepted to every single Ivy league university in the country. Now, the latest story comes from Chicago, where a twin brother and sister were accepted to a combined total of 56 colleges, earning themselves some $1.6 million in scholarships! Their names are Deprice and Shaprice Hunt. If you want to be like the Hunt twins, a great place to start is with one of the top tutoring agencies in NYC.

Shaprice is an athlete who is being scouted from throughout the country to play basketball. She’s also a brilliant student with interest in going for a dual major of Psychology and and Education. She was accepted to 35 unique colleges and earned $1.3 million in scholarships. According to the Huffington Post, she plans to stay in her home state of Illinois and is deciding between Eastern Illinois University and Illinois State. Two of the colleges even offered her a full ride scholarship.

Her brother, Deprice, was accepted to 27 colleges. He also earned a full ride scholarship to two of those colleges, just like his sister. The cumulative amount offered in scholarships added up to $300,000. Deprice is a youth activist in his city. He has spoken on his motivation, based in the desire to get educated without having to force his mother to struggle to pay for it. He has his sights on HBCU Morehouse College where he says he wants to study Political Science and Performing Arts.

In high school, they accumulated a total of 48 awards between the two of them. They’ve thanked their teachers and guidance counselors in addition to their family. Between the Hunt twins and Augusta Uwamanzu-Nna of Long Island, the bar has been set pretty high. But that doesn’t mean it’s unattainable. Instead, these stories should act as motivation to strive for more.

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