How to get your child interested in math

How to get your child interested in math

How to get your child interested in math

The majority of kids aren’t too excited about math. Getting kids interested in math is a challenge for parents because most kids view math as a difficult subject. Luckily, there are several methods parents can employ to make math fun for kids.

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Incorporate math into daily activities

Motivate your child to solve math problems not only in school, but outside as well. Kids love being right and are always up for a challenge. In the grocery store, you can ask your child to figure out the total cost of the groceries you are buying. When dining out, ask your child to figure out the amount of tips you will give based on the percentage you choose. At the gas station, tell your child to figure out how much money it takes to fill up your gas tank based on the price of gas and the size of your tank.

Play math games

Games involving math are a great way for your child to improve her math skills while having fun. Games like monopoly, checkers, chess, backgammon, and dominoes will not only help your child improve her math, but will also allow her to have fun while doing it.


You can offer a small reward when your child makes a significant accomplishment such as learning how to count, multiplication, addition, division, and so on. It can be something as simple as an extra hour of TV or playing games. Maybe a popcorn and movie night or a pizza night. This will motivate your child to continue making an effort in getting better at math.

Make it a competition

Make math even more exciting by making it a competition in a small group of kids. You can write several math problems on a white board or give a show quiz and the winner can get a prize such as a toy or candy.

These are just a few simple ways to make math more fun for children and get them looking forward to improving their math skills.

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