NYC Education Sees Unprecedented Growth

NYC Education Sees Unprecedented Growth

NYC Education Sees Unprecedented Growth

A report from the New York City Economic Development Corporation was recently released, showing that the private sector in New York City has just witnessed its largest growth ever over a two year period. From January of 2014 to December of 2015, some 249,000 jobs were added, while unemployment dropped to just over 5% from being a little over 6% the previous year. One field in particular that has seen tremendous growth is that of education. And with the increase in employment rates in education, there has also been higher demand for home tutoring. NYC has been setting a trend recently that will likely spread to other cities and states in the coming years. That’s largely due to the fact that the Department of Education has made a number of changes expected to improve the state of education on a national level.

The success in public education in New York City can partially be attributed to the work of the former commissioner of education, Dr. John B. King Jr., who was just confirmed on Monday to be the nation’s official Secretary of Education. Dr. King oversaw the EngageNY curriculum that has received acclaim on a national level for its success throughout the city of New York. He now will be overseeing the Every Student Succeeds Act put in place by the Obama Administration. Dr. King most likely has had a positive influence on the course education in both the public and private sectors during his time in office.

While the country as a whole has seen a substantial drop in unemployment over the course of Barack Obama’s presidency, wages on a national level remain low, and in some cases, are unlivable. This has been a point of tension for some years now. Not in New York City though, which reportedly has been an exception. On the contrary, NYC is seeing all positive growth. Wages increased dramatically from 2014 to 2015. The report says they went up an average of $78 per week throughout all sectors, most notably of which were the health care, tech, and education industries

Nowhere in the world is higher education more valuable and more sought after than in the United States. There was apparently a record breaking amount of applications for New York University and Columbia this year. But despite the fact that the education sector is growing, student debt continues to be an issue stretching across the nation.

As a result, many parents are turning to home tutoring. NYC, which is one of the most expensive cities in the country, has seen particular growth in the tutoring industry, as it has ensured countless adolescents an opportunity to attend their dream colleges, and in some cases they have managed to get scholarships because of their extracurricular studies. Private tutoring is not cheap, but it has proven to be a worthwhile investment, and that is expected to become all the more true in the near future.

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