Pros and cons of skipping a grade

Pros and cons of skipping a grade

Pros and cons of skipping a grade

Skipping a grade is not an easy decision to make. There are several important factors to consider when making the decision of skipping a grade. A brilliant child who has grasped class material at a faster pace than others and does not feel challenged with the work being assigned in class can potentially become disinterested with school and learning all together. On the opposite end, a brilliant child who skips a grade is not always prepared to handle the advanced academic work given and may fall behind. Even if the child keeps up with the school work, he/she may feel out of place considering the age difference of their classmates. Here are a few pros and cons to keep in mind when considering skipping a grade.


  • An intellectually advanced child may find it helpful to stay motivated and find new academic challenges by skipping a grade
  • Being around older classmates will help the child mature faster emotionally and mentally
  • Children who skip a grade will get a greater sense of responsibility
  • Skipping a grade will challenge the child to do their best
  • Children who skip a grade will learn self-development at a faster pace
  • By skipping a grade, children will graduate sooner and get a head start in the work force
  • Children will feel a sense of accomplishment for having achieved something very few are able to do
  • Children will have the opportunity to interact with classmates that match their intellectual development level



  • Although the child is doing above level work, there is still a risk that the academic work given to a child who skipped a grade might be too much to handle
  • The child might not be emotionally mature enough yet and find it overwhelming to have to act like something they’re not
  • The child will have greater social pressure and stress because he/she will be expected to be able to handle the bigger load of responsibility  that comes with skipping a grade
  • Children who skip a grade may feel out of place because of the age difference between them and their peers
  • The physical development of the child will differ from his peers and he/she can be bullied or made fun of for this reason
  • If the child doesn’t have a strong self-esteem and is not emotionally mature, he/she will be an easy target for bullies and for being ridiculed and this may end up interfering with their emotional and social development


These pros and cons are just a few factors to consider when deciding whether or not to skip a grade. They should be analyzed carefully in order to make an informed decision that will benefit all involved.


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