Steve Carlis Advice on Becoming a Executive Producer

Steve Carlis Advice on Becoming a Executive Producer

Steve Carlis Advice on Becoming a Executive Producer

So what exactly is an Executive Producer and what does he or she do?  Many have asked this question, luckily there are experts like Steve Carlis who can shine a light on this subject and the people that might be considering a career in this field.

Like any career you will have to move up to hit that succulent spot of Executive Producer.  It took Steve Carlis years to reach the point where he was involved in shows and films such as 7 days in September, The Bumblebee Flies Anyway, Once in the Life and Naughty but Nice with Rob Shuter.

Some of the skills that Steve Carlis recommends is the ability to manage the logistics, timetables and expense of the project at hand.  You also need to be able to manage the talent, technical and equipment staff that are being utilized in the production.

You may think your savvy enough to do this yourself but Steve Carlis recommends training in project management and hands on experience in some of these specific areas.  Think of an Executive Producer as a project manager, it is not enough to know your job you must also know everyone else’s job.  In order to run a tight project you need to know every angle and every responsibility of your employees.  You are the one where everything drops to.  In other words, when the going gets tough the tough gets going.

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