Why is homework so important?

Why is homework so important?

Why is homework so important?

Homework teaches us many things and helps us to have a better understanding of life. It’s essential to start building good homework habits starting from as early as elementary school. This article will explain why homework is so important and how Big Apple can help.

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Develop essential habits

Homework helps students become independent learners and be able to think for themselves. Independent learners are usually more organized and don’t require the need of someone to constantly check their work.  They are self-directed learners.  Being able to meet homework deadlines also promotes self discipline. These factors are not only important in school, but in life in general.

Helps students review for the test/exam

Homework can help students gain a better understanding of the class or subject. It can help us review things covered in the class and what most likely will be on the test/exam. Many times teachers assign homework to show you your weaknesses and what you still need to work on. Feedback from the teacher or tutor helps us improve. Just like with anything in life, practice makes perfect. Doing your homework will also help you to avoid being a “procrastinator”.

Bad Times

Homework also helps students get through bad times with teachers. Many students blame their teachers for not doing well in their class. Although this might be true, punish and get revenge on your teacher by doing your homework. The easiest thing for a teacher to grade is nothing. Homework helps make the class more meaningful and relevant to your life and the real world.


Homework is an important part of your overall grade and leads to overall success in the class. There are many more important things in school other than grades, but nothing has a bigger impact on your future. This is what colleges look at and could be the determining factor before deciding whether or not you will be accepted. Teachers are there to help you understand the subject at hand, but most will not be willing to help if you don’t give an honest effort on your homework. Doing homework on time leads to better grades.

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