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7 Super Foods that Can Lighten Your Mood

7 Super Foods that Can Lighten Your Mood

7 Super Foods that Can Lighten Your Mood

We’ve all heard the saying you are what you eat but how true is this long standing statement.  According to Food Dieticians this statement rings a lot of truth.  According to the experts it is widely accepted that your mood can trigger your food cravings.  Ever been depressed and gone straight for the tub of ice cream?  Well there’s a reason for that.  The same way your mood can impact your eating habits so can your eating habits impact the way you feel.  Below are a list of 7 food items which can drastically change the way you feel for the better.


Its all about healthy blood sugar levels.  Ever been with someone in a car that suffers from low blood sugar?  Not a pretty site.  People can get downright nasty when they have a drop in blood sugar levels.  To keep this from happening try to intake a high – quality source of protein like eggs, cheese or nuts.

Omega 3 Fats:

When you hear of Omega 3 Fats most people think of Salmon.  Although this fat can be found in Salmon, supplements are also available.  You can also find Omega 3 in some types of nuts.  Studies have shown that the intake of this fat can reduce anxiety amongst people.


Studies have shown that Turmeric the spice found in curry that gives it it’s recognizable color can help with depression.  Turmeric contains neuro-protective properties which helps enhance a persons mood.


The old pick me up.  There’s a reason coffee is the go to drink in the morning.  Coffee is said to affect a number of neurotransmitters which are closely related to mood control.  Coffee releases BDNF which activates your stem cells to convert into new neurons.  Basically you’re working with a new set which improves you brain health.  Studies have shown that low levels of BDNF’s play a significant role in depression.

Purple Berries:

Dark purple berries contain a pigment named Anthocyanins which are rich in antioxidants that aid your brain in the production of dopamine the main chemical when it comes to mood.


Speaking of dopamine Bananas naturally contain dopamine.  On top of that they are rick in B vitamins which have been linked to the calming of anxiety in humans.

Dark Chocolate:

Most people think Chocolate helps boost your mood but they usually associate it with the fat and sugar content.  The reality is that a chemical called anandamide is responsible for that good feeling you get when eating dark chocolate.  Anadamide is capable of temporarily blocking feelings of pain and depression.

So there you have it.  Food can totally alter your mood.  Be keen on what you put into your body because it may just make or break your day.

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