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Executive Producer Steve Carlis and the TV Show Farmhouse Rules

Executive Producer Steve Carlis  and the TV Show Farmhouse Rules

Executive Producer Steve Carlis and the TV Show Farmhouse Rules

Steve Carlis, the executive producer responsible for stunning successes such as the 1996 Academy Award-winning film Sling Blade (that launched Billy Bob Thornton’s acting career, and transformed him into a movie star), the 2000 drama film You Can Count On Me (nominated for two Academy Awards), and the heartwarming 2004 documentary 7 Days in September (that showed how New Yorkers put away their differences to work together after 9/11), is also one of the masterminds behind Food Network’s TV show Farmhouse Rules.

Featuring Nancy Fuller, an American chef and highly successful businesswoman who built a multi-million dollar business in the food industry, Farmhouse Rules showcases rustic (but flavorful) dishes made from fresh ingredients harvested from the Hudson Valley farms. The show has been so successful, it’s already on its fifth season… and it quickly became the top in-kitchen TV show on the Food Network.

Unlike other in-kitchen TV shows where a professional chef creates complex dishes with a lot of ingredients (that you will never be able to make at home, in your non-professional kitchen)… Farmhouse Rules focuses on simple, almost primitive, but delicious recipes that feature a couple of ingredients and don’t need a lot of work. Besides, Farmhouse Rules also goes straight to the Hudson Valley farms to show you how the ingredients are grown and harvested… and then Nancy uses those same ingredients to cook tasty dishes you can enjoy at home.

For example, in one episode, Nancy visits a potato farm and puts her grandkids to the task of digging the soil and pulling the potatoes from the dirt. After that, she proceeds to make her (now famous) Grandma’s Potato Salad.

The success of Farmhouse Rules couldn’t be possible without Steve Carlis’ experience, insight, and critical input. Steve Carlis is widely recognized (and respected) across the entertainment industry because he’s really passionate about creating award-winning films and TV shows that become financial successes. Over the course of his career, Steve Carlis has been fully involved in over 40 films, documentaries and TV shows… and he received the prestigious Ernst & Young Entrepreneur of the Year after transforming a small independent film company into a multi-million dollar business.