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Find Out the Truth about Food Allergies

Find Out the Truth about Food Allergies

Find Out the Truth about Food Allergies

If you’ve worked in the industry lately you will agree with me 100 percent that it seems as if food allergies have gone on a rampant and are growing at an alarming rate.  So what’s behind these special request that customers seem to dish out on a nightly basis.  Are people really becoming so sickly or is this becoming more of a fad like some believe.

The truth of the matter is there will always be people allergic in this world and no matter what as a person that works in the food service industry it is your job to take these request seriously.  After all someone’s health can be at risk here.

So to better help you as a food service employee or owner we ask you what exactly is a food allergy?

A food allergy is when your body responds in a negative or abnormal way to the consumption of a type of food.  This response is a result of your immune system.  Remember there are different degrees of dangers when it comes to food allergies.  The spectrum can range from anywhere between mild discomfort to serious illness or even death.

The most common allergic reactions are to the following foods:

  • Nuts
  • Eggs
  • Tree nuts
  • Shellfish
  • Dairy

Food Intolerance vs. Food Allergy

Now these two may seem similar but they are very different, food intolerance is not the same as food allergies.  There is a huge difference between these two terms.  Although both may show similar symptoms they have different conditions.  Intolerances such as lactose intolerance can make an individual feel sick where as a food allergy will also make you feel ill but can also be life threatening.

Food Additive Intolerance

A food additive is something that is used to enhance color, taste or to fight against the growth of microbes.  Such additives as MSG and Sulfites are usually confused for a food allergy when in reality it is just gastronomical problems.

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