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How Oyster Research Will Lead To Groundbreaking Food Safety Projects

How Oyster Research Will Lead To Groundbreaking Food Safety Projects

How Oyster Research Will Lead To Groundbreaking Food Safety Projects

Progressive biotech company Intralytix Inc. was just awarded a $500,000 grant from the U.S. Department of Agriculture (USDA) to develop a cocktail full of a special bacteria that is known to fight off and kill dangerous pathogens that have been killing shellfish larvae. The hope is to prevent what could become a crisis for shellfish cuisine everywhere if not attended to soon. FNA Safety’s New Jersey courses exams teach you everything there is to know about food safety.

Destructive pathogens called Vibrio coralliilyticus and Vibrio tubiashii have been attacking microbes in oyster larvae before they develop into oysters. Lately the pathogens have been attacking at an alarming rate, forcing some shellfish food establishments to have close up shop. These are the same pathogens that attack and bleach corals throughout the world.

The bacteria that fight off the pathogens and were used in the cocktail are known in colloquial terms as phages. They fight off the Vibrios. They’re not just found in cocktails. They’re also on our skin inside our bodies, in the soil and, most importantly, in and on most of the things we eat. That includes everything from fruits to vegetables to animals.

In your gut alone there are about 10 trillion bacteria, most of which could do some serious damage without the proper protection. And while that seems gross to think about, rest assured you always have ten times that amount in phages, keeping the bad bacteria from harm you.

There are two kinds of vibrio. One does not make humans sick but have been infecting and killing oyster larvae. The other does make people very sick and also are found in oysters. If consumed, there’s the possibility of bacteria infecting people’s digestive systems, potentially leading to death. That’s why scientists from various universities are working hard to find a way to destroy them more efficiently. Shellfish are apparently especially vulnerable to these vibrios during the summer.

If you cook the oysters after they’ve been opened at 145 degrees or higher you can kill the vibrios. They reside in salt water and are frequently found all along both U.S. coasts. As of now, they are only working to protect oysters, technically making it a veterinary project. However, depending the discoveries made, this could very well lead to more human food safety studies and inventions in the near future.

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