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Producers Are More Important Than You Think

Producers Are More Important Than You Think

Producers Are More Important Than You Think

To all the movie buffs out there, who are your top movie directors? Mine are Scorsese, Fincher and the Coen Brothers because I’ve always been a fan of steady cam. Now let’s try the same exercise for television and movie executive producers. Not so easy is it? If you find yourself struggling to come up with a list of names, don’t worry, that’s normal. That said, it shouldn’t be so difficult, as the producers have a whole lot more influence on a production than you realize. Here are just some of the ways in which the skills of a producer like Steve Carlis can prove valuable to any production, whether it’s in cinema or something else.

Team Building Mastery

In the simplest terms, without people, things don’t get made. And without the right people, good things don’t get made. In order to get the right people with the right chemistry, there must be one person in particular with a vision. That person is the producer. Not only does that apply to the early stages in choosing a team, but also managing relations throughout. And there’s no industry in the world with more ego than that of entertainment, which is why managing relations is a skill few have mastered. Steve Carlis has an extensive background in talent and reputation management, which makes him a perfect candidate for managing your production.

Sharp Visionary Skills

A good producer can look at something and see not what it is, but what it could become. That entails knowing the potential costs, time, locations, etc., and having the ability to organize all variables coherently in such a way that it becomes a realistic and attainable endeavor. Again, that not only pertains to the beginning, but throughout the entire process. Producers must be masters at seeing the big picture, allowing them the ability to adapt to unforeseen changes while still keeping an eye on the end goal.

Negotiation Specialist

Most people associate producers with money. Well, it’s a bit more complicated than that. Simply having the money is not the only part of being a producer. Knowing where to put said money so as to ensure the production goes well plays a large role. That means negotiating contracts not only with actors, but with everyone on the crew.

Multitasking Aficionados

Producers are jugglers at heart. When life gets overwhelming (and in a television or movie production, it most certainly will), that’s exactly when you turn to your producer to make sense of everything. Everyone has a different agenda, but at the end of the day, the producer has the final say on how the project will turn out in the end.

Being a producer is a big responsibility. When you see a movie you’re not so pleased with, you shouldn’t always blame the director. And when you see something that blows you away, remember that the producers played a large role in its success. A lot of people are involved in any production in entertainment, and without the right people, a lot can go wrong. That’s why you want someone like Steve Carlis on your side, so as to ensure an optimal final product, every time.