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Throw the Perfect Hanukkah Dinner this Holiday Season

Throw the Perfect Hanukkah Dinner this Holiday Season

Throw the Perfect Hanukkah Dinner this Holiday Season

No matter what denomination you are you have to admit that Hanukkah is a holiday that brings out the very best in cuisine.  Nothing beats the meals that you will partake in during those 8 days of Hanukkah (also known as the “Festival of lights” or “Feast of Dedication”).  From old time favorites to new style cuisines Brindle Room Catering offers up this blog post on what to expect at your next Hanukkah meal.

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So your thinking of having a Hanukkah meal and don’t know what to serve?  Well check out these old classics which will never disappoint.


By far the most recognizable Jewish dish.  Who here hasn’t tried a Latkes or a variation of a Latkes in their lives.  The basic Latkes is composed of potatoes, onions, eggs, flour and seasoning.  Fried up properly these babies will go fast.  Traditionally served with applesauce these delectable treats can also be served with other sauces such as sour cream and chives.

If you want to spice it up a bit you might consider trying some of these variations: Cauliflower Latkes, Scallion Latkes, Leek Latkes, and Cottage Cheese Latkes.

Braised Meats: 

No Hanukkah dinner is complete without the introduction of some type of braised meats.  Now while most may consider a nice braised brisket with a mushroom sauce the way to go there are many different cuts of meats you may consider for this Hanukkah dinner.

My personal favorite would have to be the braised short ribs in a nice red wine reduction sauce.  Serve these up with a side of egg noodles and your guest will surely be pleased.


If your guests are not keen on meats you may consider serving up a nice oven roasted salmon.  The best way to serve this dish up is by roasting your salmon whole and brushing it with a Soy and Ginger glaze.  You can make the glaze by mixing brown sugar, soy sauce and finely minced ginger and garlic.


You can go 2 routes on this one, for an extremely traditional dish you may consider serving up a Sweet Noodle Kugel with Dried Cherries.  This traditional dish can be served up as a dessert as well as a side dish.  Traditionally made with cottage cheese, noodles, corn flakes and pecans this dish will be the star of the night.

For a more simple dessert you may consider serving up a Rich Chocolate Cake.  This cake is so rich that you don’t have to worry about dressing it up with frosting.  Made the night before this cake can last a few days and gets better with time.

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