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What qualities should an executive producer have?

What qualities should an executive producer have?

What qualities should an executive producer have?

Steve Carlis is a thriving entertainment executive, and co-head of 2 Market Media, a marketing firm that transforms individuals into brands into successful wealth producing businesses. He has spent his years building a diverse and engaging repertoire of audiovisual clients in radio, television and movies, amplifying the value of his name through each project with which he involves himself.

In 2013, Carlis oversaw executive production and distribution of over 50 films as the president of Shooting Gallery. In addition to film, he also works in television. He has worked on television shows on the Discovery Channel, National Geographic, Animal Planet, and VH1.

In 2014, Steve Carlis received a nomination by Merit Worthy for honorable mention in response to the countless hours he has devoted to his career. Since then, he has seemingly done everything but slow down his momentum. The entertainment industry can be grueling and unforgiving, which speaks volumes to the degree to which Carlis has stood the test of time.

Steve Carlis is now looking to use his success for social progress. His latest achievement was signing on as Executive Producer for the film Julie Johnson, an LGBT rights advocating indie flick about a blue-collar New Jersey woman’s self-discovery. The film stars Lili Taylor of the hit series Gotham, and grunge rock icon turned actress Courtney Love.

In addition to being a producer, Carlis is also a talent manager, representing such personalities as former prosecutor turned TV personality and political analyst Jeanine Pirro, host of Justice With Judge Jeanine on Fox. He manages Dr. Laura Berman, host of the sex education television show In the Bedroom on the Oprah Winfrey channel too.

Indeed, his record speaks for itself. Anyone interested in making a name for themselves in the entertainment industry would be wise to invest their savings in Steve Carlis, the renaissance man behind the scenes.