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What to Do If You’ve Failed a Health Inspection

What to Do If You’ve Failed a Health Inspection

What to Do If You’ve Failed a Health Inspection

If you’ve failed a health inspection, your operating costs will rise because of compulsory repairs, new equipment, and other improvements required by the health department. Failure to correct all the violations (especially critical violations) found by the health inspector during the inspection could also bring you stiff fines, and they could revoke your license and close your restaurant permanently.

Depending on where your restaurant is located, and the severity of the violations, they could give you a 5-day re-inspection notice (for critical violations that couldn’t be corrected during the inspection) or a 45-day correction notice (for non-critical violations).

The first thing you must do after failing a health inspection is (obviously) correct all those violations to the health code. This includes not only cleaning and repairing, but also making sure it won’t happen again by talking to your employees and have them take responsibility for complying with health code regulations. You may even have to re-train some of your employees about food safety guidelines.

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These are the most common health code violations:

  1. Food (and non-food) contact surfaces (such as equipment and utensils), must be cleanable, properly designed, and properly used.
  2. Restaurant facilities are well-maintained and clean
  3. Food contact surfaces are spotless (cleaned and sanitized)
  4. Non-food contact surfaces are clean (including the bottoms of pans and floors)
  5. Adequate hand-washing sinks are available

Now, after correcting the violations, it’s time to do your own self-inspection. This is extremely important because it allows you to guarantee that the critical (and non-critical) violations that made you fail the health inspection are fully corrected… quickly identify (and correct) possible health code violations you weren’t aware of… and also ensure your restaurant is in complete compliance with current regulations and guidelines about food safety – all this before the health inspector shows up again for your scheduled (or surprise) re-inspection.

Keep in mind that, during the health inspection, the health inspector will ask several questions… and your certified food manager has to answer appropriately. If your certified food manager fumbles while answering, or (worse) doesn’t know the answer, that’s an important violation to the health code… and chances are you’ll fail the health inspection every time. Your certified food manager must be fully prepared to answer any question. However, if you’ve failed a health inspection before, the health inspector will ask the same questions during the re-inspection, so your food manager should already have the right answers.

If your restaurant has failed a health inspection (and especially if the health inspector found critical violations), then you have to look for expert assistance in order to avoid stiff fines and prevent your restaurant to be terminated forever. The top expert you can count on to help you save your business is none other than FnaSafety, one of the top authorities in the food service industry when it comes to achieving a perfect score on your health inspection.

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