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Who Is Steve Carlis?

Who Is Steve Carlis?

Who Is Steve Carlis?

Calling all prospective media personalities in search of a producer/talent manager. If you’re in need of someone with talent and experience in the entertainment industry, you can finally relax because your search is over. Regardless of what field of entertainment you come from, be it entrepreneurial to doctoral to fitness and lifestyle, Steve Carlis is here to make your life simpler and more successful.

Steve Carlis is the co-head of 2 Market Media, a production company that transforms ordinary people into self-sustaining wealth producing personalities. He has been the talent manager for such personalities as Dr. Laura Berman, who hosts a hit sex education show on the Oprah Winfrey channel. He also manages Jeanine Pirro, who is a former prosecutor who has since transformed her image and become a television personality/political analyst. She hosts a show called Justice for Jeanine on Fox.

Aside from talent management, Steve Carlis is also an executive producer to a number of hit television series and major motion pictures. He is the executive producer to Farmhouse Rules on the Food Network, a TV series about a mother running a multimillion-dollar food distributor out of a farmhouse in New York with her husband.

He’s also the co-creator of the What It Takes TV Network with Grant Cardone, which targets entrepreneurs, business owners, startups, and sales organizations. Anyone in any of these fields would be wise to check out the website, where you brush up on your business IQ by watching shows, reading articles, or listening to webinars on how to be a more effective go-getter like Steve Carlis himself.

He was one of the most important voices behind the launch of the Paula Deen network. He received the Ernst and Young Entrepreneur award in 1999, which he has since used as motivation to bring each and every one of his clients nothing short of absolute success in their careers.

Steve Carlis is the man of the hour, and he has the résumé to prove it. So if you’re in need of a talent manager. Is your show the next big thing but you just can’t find the means of funding it? You can sit at ease, because Steve Carlis is the man you’ve been looking for.