3 facts you need to know about Vasectomy Reversal

3 facts you need to know about Vasectomy Reversal

3 facts you need to know about Vasectomy Reversal

A vasectomy reversal is a surgical procedure that consists on undoing your previous vasectomy by reconnecting or unblocking the tubes that allow sperm to travel from your testicles to your seminal fluid glands. If you’ve had a vasectomy and now you would like to get your partner pregnant this is the procedure you need, but before you embark of this journey there are 3 facts that you must know.

vasectomy reversal

  • It’s safe but not risk free.

Reversing your vasectomy is a safe procedure; nonetheless, it implies risks such as bleeding inside the scrotum, infection and chronic pain. All of these symptoms are very uncommon but there’s still a possibility you can suffer from it. Also, you must bear in mind that the longer the period of time between your vasectomy and your vasectomy reversal, the latter is less likely to be effective.


  • It’s more difficult than performing a vasectomy.

When undergoing a vasectomy reversal is absolutely necessary that you make sure you will be on highly qualified and professional hands. Your doctor must have plenty of skills and expertise in order to perfume de reconnection with one of the two available methods to perform a vasectomy reversal. The first one is called vasovasostomy and consists on stitching together the ends of the tubes to allow sperm to travel through them again. The other method is called vasoepididymostomy, which is performed by connecting the tube to the small organ at the back of each testicle where sperm is stored; this procedure is more complicated and will only be done if the other method is not likely to work.


  • It’s virtually painless.

That doesn’t mean it won’t be uncomfortable. Your doctor will give you an anesthetic and/or sedative during the procedure, but afterwards you might be suffer from swelling and soreness, that will fade away in a few days. The stitches are more likely to dissolve within the 10 days following the surgery and your doctor will tell you when it’s okay to remove your bandages. You should add ice to ease the swelling after the anesthetics effect fades and you my experiment a little pain or maybe cramping.  For at least 2 days you should avoid swimming and bathing, exercise and anything that makes you sweat; avoid heavy lifting and sex for at least 3 weeks or until your doctor says it’s all right.


Now that you know all the facts, if you’re planning on undergoing a vasectomy reversal, feel free to contact Dr. Harry Fisch, a leading vasectomy and vasectomy reversal expert in New York City, who will provide you with best patient care available. Call him on (212) 879-0800.

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