Choosing The Right Dentist For Your Child

Choosing The Right Dentist For Your Child

Choosing The Right Dentist For Your Child

Anything medical can be intimidating for a child. Dentistry is no exception. It’s a scary experience having a stranger put his hands in your mouth, a part of the body where people typically don’t even put their own hands. That’s why choosing a pediatric dentist over a general one can greatly improve the experience your child has when getting his or her teeth cleaned, straightened, etc.

Pediatric dentists receive at least two, and sometimes up to three additional years of training focused specifically on how to create a comfortable and non-threatening environment for a child. While general dentists can perform the same quality of care, pediatric dentists have the necessary skills to make younger patients cooperate, which in many cases can be quite the challenging task. For more information on why it is beneficial to choose a pediatric dentist over a dental one click here.

The question then, is which pediatric dentist will be best for your child in particular? There are a few factors to consider here. Firstly, what have the other patients said of this dentist in the past? Pediatric Dental Associates has a 5 star rating on Yelp. Patients and their parents have been quoted in saying such things as, “Dr. Pattison is great with our kids, and the staff is so nice! We highly recommend this practice,” and, “Pediatric Dental. Always a pleasant experience for both patient and parent. Dr. Pattison is patient, professional and always on time!”

When working with children, the doctor-patient chemistry is nearly as important as the actual quality of care. Furthermore, when it comes to medical procedures, etc., kids do not like surprises. That’s why transparency can be key to earning a younger patient’s trust. So a good rule of thumb when searching for a pediatric dentist is how well he will communicate with your child, and also how honest and straightforward he will be with the parent and the child. At PDA, they “offer a wide range of behavior management techniques. At one end of the spectrum is the traditional ‘tell-show-do’ technique. During this visit [they] encourage [their] patients and often parents to participate in a step by step explanation and exploration of the procedures to be done.”

Another factor to consider, depending on your budget, is the prices. If you have a child who is 2 years old or under, he or she can receive a full examination completely free of cost at Pediatric Dental Associates in Allendale. It is recommended to send your child to the dentist every 6 months. So depending on the insurance your child carries and the cost of an appointment, money could be a deciding factor in choosing which pediatric dentist to go to.

And finally, one should also consider geography. Are you looking for a pediatric dentist in Allendale. Anyone living in or around this area who is interested in giving their child or adolescent the absolute best possible dental and oral care should contact PDA right away. They can be reached at 201-652-7020 or feel free to email them to set up an appointment.

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