ED Affects Women More Than You Think

ED Affects Women More Than You Think

ED Affects Women More Than You Think

Need an erectile dysfunction doctor? NYC’s Luzato Medical Group has you covered.

Over half the men in America between the ages of 40 and 70 have problems with erectile dysfunction (ED). It’s a whole lot more common than anyone would like to admit. Needless to say, it can be rather embarrassing for the man, causing the topic to sometimes get swept under the rug, which in turn can cause strains in relationships. What many fail to realize is that ED does not only affect the man, but his counterpart as well. This article will describe the impact that ED has on women, and why men should take responsibility and seek an erectile dysfunction doctor. New York City had some of the nation’s leading urologists, which is why it is in everyone’s best interest just bite the bullet and get to the bottom of the problem.

New York City is home to cultures from all sides of the earth. It is without question one of the single most ethnically diverse urban metropolises in the world, which makes it also one of the most culturally diverse. Many cultures from throughout the earth are known to put pressure on couples to make families and to shun those with problems in their sex lives, preventing them from talking about and understanding the problem.

As a result, men and women both refuse to go to groups to discuss the problems they’re having in their sex lives or to doctors to seek medication or dietary advice. What’s not talked about enough, is the fact that in many cases, if it gets out that a couple is having problems, the blame will most typically be put on the woman instead of the man.

A recent study performed in the UK with couples over the age of 35 focusing on the implications of ED found that over 40% of women blame themselves for their boyfriend’s/husband’s dysfunction, and 40% had not taken any further steps to try to learn more about how to fix it. And an astounding 80% was unaware of the fact that over 50% of men are known to be suffering from it.

Above all, couples need to communicate, honestly, about how they feel about each other both emotionally and physically. In the off chance the basis of the problem is not purely physical, it is probably the result of there being a lack of healthy communication. But more importantly, they need to recognize that if they are experiencing problems with ED, that it most likely is not either of their faults. It’s far more likely than anything to be the product of a physical dysfunction, rather than any lack of attraction to the other.

In conclusion, if this pertains to you, make the effort to maintain an open dialogue, and make sure to seek out solutions, together. That means contacting your erectile dysfunction doctor. New York City a great place to live for just this reason, because you luckily are no more than a subway ride away from the best urologists in the business. For more information, contact the Luzato Medical Group at 212-661-7003, or you can also contact them online.

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