Expert Acupuncture Practitioner: Tapas Fleming

Expert Acupuncture Practitioner: Tapas Fleming

Expert Acupuncture Practitioner: Tapas Fleming

Tapas Fleming is yet another speaker we are excited to welcome to the World Wide Transformational Summit. Tapas is warm, vibrant, and learning from her is a true pleasure.

Fleming is a licensed acupuncture practitioner.  For the last 30 years, Tapas has used acupuncture in a way to specialize the treatment of allergies. Five years after opening her practice in 1987, Tapas developed the Tapas Acupressure Technique (TAT). This technique was born out of Tapas’ pursuit of treating allergies. However, after implementing the strategy, she began to realize its profound effect on overcoming past stress and trauma.

 How TAT works

Tapas Acupressure Technique is a set of steps that can be practiced both alone or with the help of a practitioner. The process includes reciting particular statements while applying pressure to acupressure points. These points connect to the entire system of the body on physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual levels. Through Tapas’ personal work and the testimonials of those practicing TAT, there is a sense of being freed from negative and traumatic experiences, whether psychological, emotional, or physical.

TAT and Memories

TAT works on one of Tapas core belief: similar to our minds, our bodies also have memories. While some of these memories are connected to our lived experiences, our bodies have other, more distant memories, as well. Tapas often refers to our ancestral memories as relevant to our healing and recovery. Through her lived experiences in both practicing healing and witnessing the lives around her, she realized that genetic and ancestral histories play a significant role in what sort of memories our living bodies have, what she also calls “cellular memory.”

Tapas understands stress and trauma and its negative effects on the body to be caused by our frequent denial to address these memories. TAT allows us to integrate an experience into our entire system, rather than deny its presence. Tapas explains this to work much akin to Traditional Chinese Medicine and its focus on yin-yang imbalance. This type of imbalance provokes physical and emotional problems to arise when left unaddressed. When energy is blocked, that is when disease and illness take hold.

Moving Ahead with TAT

TAT addresses these imbalances. It allows us to feel free to explore our memories and work through them. By affirming our memories — cellular, personal, physical, emotional — we can allow our bodies to achieve a complete balance. Tapas’ empathetic and integrative approach has helped hundreds find peace and balance.

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