What Happens When Smart Technology Meets The Healthcare Industry

What Happens When Smart Technology Meets The Healthcare Industry

What Happens When Smart Technology Meets The Healthcare Industry

The WebMD generation is taking leaps forward, as smart technology is beginning to empower the patient like never before. With modern advances, patients now can download apps to their smartphones that can inform them on their heart rhythm, mental health, and can even diagnose an ear infection. Smartphones can also check blood pressure and perform electrocardiograms. Plus, there are FDA approved ECG apps. Some have predicted that this will lead to fewer people seeking the attention of doctors for less severe illnesses and medical problems, which in turn will allow physicians to be more efficient and more attentive to the patients who they see.

Smart technology will not only benefit the patients but also the doctors, who now have access to such products as real time medical scribe program and integrated voice recognition software. These products allow for doctors to speak directly into their mobile devices while collecting patient data, which has reportedly proven to be a more efficient, accurate, and reliable form of recording patient information. No longer will doctors waste valuable time writing down important patient info in their notoriously illegible doctor’s handwriting. They don’t even have to type it, as the voice recognition software is programmed to understand complex medical jargon.

Another advantage afforded both to physicians and their patients thanks to the marriage of medicine and smart technology is the ability for closer and more immediate communication. Now doctors will be able to more closely monitor their patients’ health when they are not physically in the hospital. Moreover, patients will have the ability to contact their physicians will important information with greater immediacy.

That means any change in status, or in case of a sudden emergency or severe side effect resulting from a new medication, you’re not able to have a video consultation with a specialist at a moment’s notice. As of now, such meetings are typically reserved for emergencies, as costs can get a bit high if the privilege is abused (as of 2015 a video consultation goes for some 40 bucks a pop). However, that trend will develop in time and eventually video consultation will become the norm for how physicians interact with their patients.

That means less sitting around in a waiting room for half an hour to be seen for ten minutes only to be told that you’re fine and you just need some fluids and a bit of rest. In the future, you can get your checkups from the comfort of your living room, since your mobile device will be monitoring your vital signs and general health at all times, to the extent that you’ll have hardly anything to report.

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