Have a better life with these 5 tips for a healthy bladder – Urologist NYC

Have a better life with these 5 tips for a healthy bladder – Urologist NYC

Have a better life with these 5 tips for a healthy bladder – Urologist NYC


Why should you worry about keeping your bladder healthy?


The bladder is a very important organ because it stores all the urine that comes from your kidneys, and allows you to discharge this fluid and its toxins when it’s necessary to keep you healthy. In order to keep things running smooth and stay healthy try to practice these 5 tips recommended by an expert Urologist New York City.


  1. Don’t interrupt your urine discharge.

When you have the need to empty your bladder, make sure is empty, if you don’t allow all this fluid to leave your system it will remain inside of you and eventually go back to your bladder what may cause not only a bladder infection but also many other issues in across your whole urinary tract.

  1. Stay active.

A sedentary lifestyle causes many health problems; among them you can name fluid retention. This condition makes you feel a strong urge to urinate with too much frequency due to an over stimulation of the bladder caused by the liquid build-up in your body.

  1. Stop smoking.

It’s no secret than the consumption of tobacco products, including smoking, works in grave detriment of your overall health. Your bladder is no exception, smokers have 75% more risk of suffering bladder cancer than non smokers.

  1. Beware what you eat.

The ingestion of certain foods can aggravate some bladder conditions, such as interstitial cystitis. The symptoms go from pain, constant urgency to urinate and even incontinence, keep this condition at bay watching your intake of food and relating the symptoms to it, so you can figure out which foods are causing this problem.

  1. Add cranberry to your diet.

Cranberry is not only tart and delicious; it is also an important source of antioxidants with properties that keep infections away from your whole urinary tract by preventing bacteria from sticking to the walls of your bladder.

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