Lisa Nichols: Success, Lightness, and Motivation

Lisa Nichols: Success, Lightness, and Motivation

Lisa Nichols: Success, Lightness, and Motivation

Lisa Nichols is truly an inspiration. (Of course, we hope you will find all our guest speakers at the upcoming Summit to be inspirational!) Nichols models success, lightness, and motivation. Her work has transformed the lives of thousands, wait, millions! Thousands know her because of her appearance on The Secret, or from her appearances on Oprah, the Today Show, and the Steve Harvey Show. However her success reaches far beyond just appearances on television shows and movies.

The demand for her motivational speeches to such large audiences has much to do with her personality and how she delivers her speech. She is one of the most highly demanded motivational speakers. Even taking a moment to watch any video of her speaking pulls you in, and you won’t to stop listening and learning.

Nichols started off with humble roots. In an interview with Lewis Howes, she references her grandmother as having instilled in her a sense of humility and aspiration. She describes being fiscally broke and emotionally broken, utilizing WIC and government assistance and being able to have access to such a service for Nichols, this was her stepping stool. When she was faced with what she called her rock bottom, not being able to provide diapers for her son, she realized something important: she needed to make a mental switch. She realized that she had to believe she could do something different, “change her mental zip code… where [her] mind could go, [her] bank account would follow.”

Her self-perception and what self-worth was imbedded in her before she was born was learned, and she had to unlearn it to find success and abundance. She had to see herself as worthy of having and worthy of succeeding. Hard work and perseverance lead her to where she is now. Eventually, Nichols founded, and now acts as CEO at Motivating the Masses, Inc. Through detailed and highly affective frameworks, Nichols transforms the art business coaching and professional management and development. She has been able to link business success with the success of the individual lives as well.

Her dynamic personality, creativity, and overall humble, yet powerful insights, have changed the way business and individuals learned to align themselves with the world of success and abundance. Recently, Lisa published a new book, Abundance is Now, as part of an initiative to start a movement that can help people break through the barriers and emotional blocks we place on ourselves. She is a delight to learn from, and a delight to listen to. We’ll leave you today with her wise words:

“Don’t count the number of times you’ve been knocked down; get attached to the number of times you get back up.” – Lisa Nichols

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