Sharon King: From Matrix to Matrix Birth

Sharon King: From Matrix to Matrix Birth

Sharon King: From Matrix to Matrix Birth

For almost 20 years, Sharon King has been helping individuals address their pasts and jumpstart their new beginnings. As an expert in emotional health, Sharon has supported and contributed to work within the healing community. Sharon founded and directs Magical New Beginnings, a program and support system to help individuals heal and grow from their traumas and emotional wounds.

Prior to working in emotional healing, Sharon was confronted by her own set of struggles. When her beloved partner was killed, she was forced to confront her grief. Sharon faced all the emotional struggles married to loss and mourning and realized the depth of her emotions. Through this experience, Sharon was inspired to further explore these deep emotions and how they connect with overall health, both physical and mental. Her experience opened her to the world of Emotional Freedom Technique and Matrix Reimprinting. As her skill and knowledge expanded and developed, she began to pair personal experience with foundational teachings and was able to develop another self-help technique, Matrix Birth Reimprinting.

From Matrix to Matrix Birth

Matrix Reimprinting uses a tapping technique along the meridian lines of the body, as outlined by Traditional Chinese Medicine. By tapping along this meridian system, memories are released and confronted. In Matrix Reimprinting, these memories and images are transformed away from the subconscious. Sharon discovered that by using this technique and applying it to our birthing experiences, we can greatly alter our disposition towards what might have been a traumatic experience.

Babies in the womb, during birth, or newly born, are subject to many points during which they may be subject to trauma. Whether the mother is undergoing stress or there is a complication at birth, all this tension and stress can be transferred to the baby. Sharon discovered that these traumas are often left unaddressed, but can often be the root of mental or physical illness. Matrix Birth Reimprinting helps address these traumas and release them to help reset the individual, allowing them to free themselves of the burdens of trauma.

Colour Mirrors

 This healing modality focuses on the use of energy to transform our human experiences. It operates under the umbrella of energy healing. Color is a language to communicate information, which can be understood as energy. Color is vibrational and can be used to match our personal energies. Each individual has a personal vibrational frequency and respond to colors that match their frequencies. When colors are used as a therapy, Sharon helps individuals identify emotional problems one may have. Interacting with the energies and frequencies of colors help release individual patterns that are associated with emotional issues rooted in our subconscious.

Colour Mirrors is a healing tool that can compliment almost any other healing technique. It can enhance our understanding of our emotional issues, our subconscious, our auras, and our bodies on a cellular and body level.

Starting Fresh, Starting New

 Sharon is devoted to working closely with individuals and fellow healers to work towards a healthier and stronger self. Much like Sharon’s experience of finding a new beginning in a time of difficulty, she wishes to impart this knowledge and chance to others as well. She believes that everyone should have the chance for a “magical new beginning.”

Regardless of your preferred modality, Sharon commands her knowledge and experience, rendering her supportive and inspiring to both healers and self-healers. She offers a unique and effective perspective that offers individuals a chance to start fresh and strong. By transforming their past experiences and memories, you can reprogram your disposition to  your inner, true self and the world around you.

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