Spornosexual: The ultimate male trend

Spornosexual: The ultimate male trend

Spornosexual: The ultimate male trend

You might be tilting your head right now, trying to come up with a good answer to what in the name of all men around the world is a Spornosexual?

Well, the answer is rather simple, the world Spornosexual is the result of combining sports, porn and sex. There! That’s all you need to know. I’m kidding, of course. A spornosexual is the newest male trend out there. Do you remember when everything in everyday culture was about metrosexuals? I do!

Everything was about neat and very close shaves or professionally groomed 3-day beards, hair trimmed to perfection, fashion-forward clothes, stylish accessories, the man-purse, the clean-cut, masculine look of a fella who is in touch with his feminine side without threatening his manhood in any way; the epitome of the modern civilized man, the one that every girl wants. But times change.

Today, in spite of the popularity of the “lumbersexual” among younger and edgier audiences, the spornosexual appeals to a mainstream audience instead.
With the idea of achieving a fit and defined body possible without bulking obscene amounts of muscle, just enough to sport a “killer six-pack” the spornosexual undergoes a training and nutrition regime that allows them to develop a body that is a hybrid between a porn star and a high-performance athlete. A writer for the renowned Esquire magazine narrates his journey towards becoming a spornosexual  and what is this all about.

Who can be a spornosexual?

Testosterone and a good disposition are all you need to take over this regime and adopt this lifestyle. So, I deeply recommend you to get checked by a men’s health professional like Dr Harry Fisch, just to make sure that you are healthy to undergo the training and a change in your diet. As a vasectomy reversal expert from New York city, Dr Fisch knows everything you need to know about staying fit and healthy. Contact him calling at (212) 879 0800 and make an appointment.