Vasectomy Reversal From The Best Urologist In New York

Vasectomy Reversal From The Best Urologist In New York

Vasectomy Reversal From The Best Urologist In New York

There are many reasons why men change their minds about their vasectomies. Maybe the decision you made years ago with your ex just doesn’t hold up anymore. Maybe you got the promotion of a lifetime and all of a sudden you’re more financially stable than you ever thought you would be. Maybe raising a kid isn’t such a daunting concept as it once was. Life is unpredictable, but lucky for you, there is a painless procedure that requires no needle or scalpel and can put you back on the map for making babies in no time.

Is it safe?

Concerned about the safety of the procedure? Well you can stop worrying because Dr. Harry Fisch is the best vasectomy reversal doctor in New York City and is here to make the procedure as quick and painless as possible. Dr. Fisch is a board certified urologist and is one of the nation’s leaders in diagnosing and treating for men’s health issues. He is an internationally renowned physician and is your absolute best option for vasectomy reversal.

I know I want to do it, just not now.

Have you been chewing it over for a while now? Maybe a few weeks, months, maybe even years. You have every right to take your time, especially with matters pertaining to your own body. However, bear in mind that it is in your best interest to do the procedure sooner rather than later because there is a ten-year window from when you first had your vasectomy in which fertility is still fresh. The longer you wait, more difficult it will be to have the child, and moreover the higher the risk will be of your child having birth defects.

Okay I’m interested, but I need some more info if I’m gonna go through with this.

Vasectomy reversal, or, a vasovasectomy in doctor’s terms, is a procedure in which a surgeon reconnects the vas deferns, allowing sperm to once again flow into the ejaculate. The first time the procedure was performed was in the 1970s, and the technology has advanced ten fold, to the point that needles and scalpels are simply no longer needed. There remains only a 55% chance that the procedure is successful, but if you are at all interested, it would serve you best to make an appointment with Dr. Harry Fisch.

So if you’re looking for a vasectomy doctor in New York, look no further. Are you ready to make this happen? No more waiting. Make an appointment today with Dr. Harry Fisch, New York City’s best urologist.

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