The Biggest Batman In History’s Workout Routine

The Biggest Batman In History’s Workout Routine

The Biggest Batman In History’s Workout Routine

DC fans across the globe can rejoice in the return of our favorite crime fighting caped crusader, as he returns to the big screen on March 23rd in Batman V. Superman: Dawn of Justice. This will be the latest installment from visionary filmmaker Zack Snyder, director of Watchmen and 300, ensuring that it will most certainly be a spectacle for the books. This article will discuss the workout and diet routine the actor for Batman had to take on in order to look his best. (You can learn more about how to stay health from your erectile dysfunction doctor. Manhattan medicine has all of the answers for how to keep you sexually active)


Ben Affleck will be taking on the role as Batman and he will be assuming perhaps the most plausible physical appearance of a superhero who has no super powers other than being rich enough to buy cool gadgets and, more importantly, having the time to work out and get huge enough to endure extreme physical abuse on a nightly basis from Gotham’s most brutal and merciless criminals.


Indeed, Affleck is enormous, as we’ve already seen in the Boston heist film The Town. But this time, he’s upped the ante. Walter Norton Jr., Affleck’s personal trainer for both The Town as well as BVSDOJ, claims the original goal was to have him looking like Arnold Schwarzenegger at the height of his bodybuilding career, but ultimately they settled for a heavyweight UFC champion. This movie is quite possibly the biggest Affleck has ever been for a film.


Affleck’s daily routine required him to workout three times a day interspersed between 14 hour days while shooting for another film called Gone Girl, which was directed by David Fincher. As a result, Affleck reportedly had to start his day at 4 o’clock in the morning! He would train for 15 minutes, an hour and a half, and finally 2 and a half hours, six days per week.


Taking into account the importance of aesthetic, Affleck’s workouts were structured to get him optimally chiseled for the movie. Norton Jr. said Affleck put the majority of his focus on chin-ups, pull-ups, and inverted row. Also, to keep his workouts balanced, Affleck reportedly put particular emphasis on leg workouts, excelling especially in calves and glutes workouts. By the end his frame was balanced from head to toe.


In addition to his tremendously intense workout routine, Affleck undertook a strict diet to keep his body fat to a minimum. According to his nutritionist, Affleck was eating egg whites and oatmeal for breakfast, salad with veggies and a protein shake for lunch and fish or chicken with brussel sprouts, cauliflower or broccoli for dinner. The final product following a rigorous several months of lifting and a strict diet was a batman who weighed in at a whopping 228 pounds, only 7.9% of which was body fat.


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