What Not to Do When You’re Suffering From a Breast Skin Rash

What Not to Do When You’re Suffering From a Breast Skin Rash

What Not to Do When You’re Suffering From a Breast Skin Rash

If you’re suffering from a breast skin rash, inflammation, soreness, breast skin burn, intertrigo, of yeast infections beneath your breasts… then you must know there are certain activities that aggravate the rash under your breasts. Here’s what you must not do:

When You’re Taking A Shower

Don’t use harsh soaps or body washes, because some ingredients can worsen the breast rash. Also, don’t put clothing on if the underside of your breasts is not completely dry. After using a towel to dry your skin, you’ll need to use your hair drier until the skin folds beneath your breasts are 100% dry.

Don’t Wear These Fabrics

Your skin needs to breathe, or you’ll never be able to get rid of the rash under your breasts. Cotton and linen clothing allows sweat to evaporate without any trouble. On the other hand, synthetic fabrics (such as polyester, nylon, and rayon) and thick fabrics (such as wool) won’t allow proper air circulation and will keep sweat trapped inside your bra.

Try to Not Wear Underwire Brassieres

Underwire bras are the best-selling type of bra, and approximately 80% of women are wearing the wrong sized bra. Ill-fitted underwire brassieres either don’t allow your skin to breathe… or create small pockets where sweat accumulates. Moreover, this type of bra also exacerbates skin-to-skin contact. The combination of sweat and skin-to-skin contact becomes a breast skin rash and it can lead to breast intertrigo.

Avoid These “Foods”

Breast skin rash can be caused by Candida fungus… and it can evolve into a full-blown fungal infection called Candidiasis. This fungal infection is extremely difficult to treat, and it can leave unsightly patches of dark skin on your body. To fight this fungus, you’ll need to keep your immune system in top shape. However, there are some “foods” (and “drinks”) that can literally shut down your immune system for several hours… allowing fungi and bacteria to invade your body effortlessly and without resistance. These foods contain high amounts of refined sugar, a substance proven to neutralize the activity of your neutrophils (the white blood cells that fight against invaders). In addition, refined sugar also promotes inflammation. Always read the labels of food products, and avoid anything that says “sugar,” “syrup,” “molasses,” or any word that ends in “ose” (“ose” means sugar).

Following these instructions will definitely help you soothe and relieve breast rash, intertrigo, soreness, inflammation, breast skin burn, and even Candidiasis. However, if you really want to get rid of a breast skin rash… then you need to minimize sweating and chafing in the underside of your breasts, while promoting proper air circulation. The BreastComfort Cushioned Slings and Pads offer the perfect solution for this problem: your breasts will rest on a soft antibacterial cushion with wicking treatment… so you can avoid excessive chafing, wick away perspiration, and have appropriate ventilation beneath your breasts.

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