When Should Your Child First Visit The Dentist?

When Should Your Child First Visit The Dentist?

When Should Your Child First Visit The Dentist?

If you want to start your child off on the right foot preventing tooth decay right off the bat, then you need to start early. Your child’s first dentist appointment should be no longer than his or her first birthday. That’s about six months after the first baby teeth appear. This will get you and your child into a healthy routine and will also allow the dentist to explain to you all of the details that go into caring for an infant’s teeth. By creating good habits early, you will be saving your child the burden and anxiety in constantly wondering whether he or she has provided enough care for his or her teeth.

Before going to the first visit, be sure to communicate with the dentist ahead of time. Any kind of medical care on a child is a very sensitive thing, so it is important that the dentist demonstrates complete transparency so there are no surprises during the appointment. Pediatric Dental Associates have a wide variety of management techniques for children of all ages. Much of what they do at PDA involves both the parent and the child, and allows for everyone to remain fully informed at all times.

When the appointment actually happens, the highest priority is for the child to feel comfortable with the dentist. Very little actual medical care will be performed. Instead, much of the first appointment is simply breaking the ice, to get everything running on the right foot. The whole thing should only take between 20 to 30 minutes.

In order to facilitate a comfort zone for your child, you may want to schedule several successive appointments so that your child can grow to recognize his or her dentist. Once a connection is established and your child seems willing to cooperate, the dentist will perform an examination of your child’s teeth and gums, followed by a demonstration on how to gently clean your child’s teeth without causing pain or discomfort. An x-ray will likely also be taken, but it will not cause any problems for the child.

And with these steps you will be setting your child off to a good start for maintaining a clean and healthy smile free of any tooth decay for many years to come. If you have a child who has yet to receive his or her first appointment and are looking for a dentist for kids in or around midland park, Pediatric Dental Associates offer a FREE FIRST APPOINTMENT for any child who is 2 years old or younger. You can call them at 201-652-7020 or feel free to email them anytime with any and all questions related to pediatric dental care.

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