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10 Tips to Make Your Kitchen More Family Friendly

10 Tips to Make Your Kitchen More Family Friendly

10 Tips to Make Your Kitchen More Family Friendly

The kitchen is the heart of a home, a gathering point and the place where we feed our bodies with delicious food and homemade treats; but we also feed our souls with heart-to-heart conversations with our loved ones, a hot cup of coffee or cocoa on a cold day, with our closest friends and sharing laughter with the children on a playful Sunday brunch. These are more than enough reasons to consider in high regard the possibility of undertaking a kitchen remodeling Woodstock NY project to make the kitchen more family friendly, providing the members of our households with an even cozier and more intimate space to share at home.


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  • Safety First137ae54f6195325ff2-70931869

The most important thing when it comes to family friendly kitchens is, of course, ensuring the safety of children. Most kids love to bake or at least, they’re more than eager to eat what you’ve baked. But a hot oven door or the alluring chocolate chip cookies that are cooling off on a scorching oven rack represent a real hazard to children, if you add knives, blades, hot pans, heavy pots or any other kitchen utensil you could end up thinking the kitchen should be off the limits to your kids. Well, that’s not necessary if you follow these tips when doing your kitchen remodeling Woodstock NY:

  1. Keep the oven out of reach. When remodeling the kitchen try to set the oven at a convenient height is not only more comfortable for you but is also safer for the children; you don’t have to bend every time you use the oven and the kids won’t get burned by accident if they touch the hot oven door.show163_image3.jpg__1920x1920_q85
  1. Multilevel countertops and cupboards. Kids aren’t the most patient creatures; muffins, cupcakes, cookies, pies or any other appealing treat sitting in the kitchen is calling the children to try it. But if this treat is sitting in a hot rack, pot or even a glass container, it would be much safer to keep it out of reach. A multilevel countertop is a practical solution, so you can place anything dangerous on the higher levels while the kids can cook and play in their own lower and safer work surface in the kitchen.feeb10b89f1d187b7d763aa6acf49ac3
  1. Safety-lock cabinets. Knives, blades, glass, heavy pots and pans, as well as any utensil or appliance that is meant to be handled with care should be put away in a cabinet with a safety lock in order to avoid unnecessary situations that might risk the safety of your children or the lifespan of that expensive food processor.48444
  • Practicality Is Keyasp_970px_3-kitchen-design

Your kids deserve a little independence and you deserve a break, so making the space practical is just as important as making it safe. A kitchen where the kids can grab a glass of water on their own or use the microwave to heat leftovers by themselves when they’re feeling hungry is a must.

  1. Storage space for children. A cabinet or chest destined especially for your kids and their stuff is the way to avoid having toys and crayons scattered around your kitchen.maximisingcabinetspace05thisoldhouse_zps2bf50e1d
  1. Accessible cabinets and work space. For your leisure time sake and your children’s autonomy, accessible cabinets and other kid’s designated areas, like the work surface of a multilevel countertop, are perfect to store things that your kids can use, prepare and eat without your help such as cereal, snacks or fruits that don’t require fridge storage, and of course plastic bowls, plates cutlery and glasses that are safe to manipulate.14674
  1. Easy-to-use appliances. Microwaves with preset options for heating mac and cheese, making popcorn or warming up a cup of milk before bedtime as well as refrigerators with a water and ice dispenser on the door or accessible faucets with safety settings are great choices to keep your kids safe without being overprotective.fridge-cups1-600x400
  1. Child efficiency. Some kids are really into cooking, if that’s your case, help your kid explore his talents in the kitchen, under your supervision, care and in the right kitchen your kid could prepare luxurious meals. A non-slippery stool set in front of the stove, plastic or wooden utensils and that multilevel countertop are very helpful when it’s time for you to enjoy a meal made by your children.Children-cooking2
  • Playful Designimg610b71953778c07b5f5b3704afde8f6b

Design must be functional and beautiful, but why not playful too? Easy to clean surfaces are definitely a must as well as non slippery floor. But what about bold colors, interesting design, flowers and plants or “custom features” such as message boards, pull-out shelves and organizers for the fridge and the cabinets? There are millions of options for you to choose from and make your kitchen beautiful and fun.

  1. Message boards. Chalkboards, whiteboards, cork or foam pads whatever works best for you and your family. Having a place where you can post notes, messages, grocery lists or even display your kids’ artwork is a great way to make your kitchen more interactive and kid-friendly.IDP_Kitchen_TrentBell
  1. Colorful walls and flooring. A plain white or beige kitchen is kind of boring; a nice splash of color gives a boost to the space and makes it more inviting and playful looking.uncategorized-kitchen-with-blue-wall-color-paint-and-white-kitchen-cabinet-whit-granite-kitchen-island-915x610
  1. Green living touches. Plants and flowers are a nice touch to any space. They keep the air clean, provide color and texture and sometimes fragrance too; if it wasn’t enough they can also be a nice project for you and your kids, planting herbs that you can use for cooking like rosemary, parsley or basil.enterijer-feng-shui-biljke-koje-prociscavaju-vazduh-01

A family friendly kitchen is a space that guarantees lasting good memories of moments shared with those closest to you. So why not investing in a kitchen remodeling Woodstock NY that will add not only market value to your property but will also increase the chances of spending quality time with you loved ones in a well-designed, professionally-built space? Contact Brian Hommel Home Improvement, their team of highly qualified experts is always ready and eager to undertake any home improvement project, ensuring that you will be more than satisfied with the results. Call them on (845)338-2211 and make your kitchen remodeling Woodstock NY a dream come true.