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New Ideas to Try in The Garden for 2016

New Ideas to Try in The Garden for 2016

New Ideas to Try in The Garden for 2016

You are not alone. There are many products in 2016 that can assist you with any garden project you might have.

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Top choices for gloves

  • Joes gloves (joes-garden.com)
  • The Protective One (bright orange)-tough and waterproof
  • The Dexterous One
  • Essential One
  • All seasons One

Seed Saving

Seed saving is an excellent way to cut down costs. Seed to Seed is a collection of 4 DVDs that answers your questions about breeding, pollination, and more. This will explain the importance of seed saving.

Grown your own    

If you would like more flavor and nutrients in your food, then you should grow your foods. The cost of foods seems to be getting higher and higher, so this is another reason why people are willing to change.


People can get more out their structures by painting fences, arbors, and houses. Rather than just having ordinary white fences, brighten them with a blue or green color.  Gardens don’t have to be over the top and ridiculous, but it’s nice to incorporate colors to make your home stand out.

Indoor garden

People are becoming more interested with indoor gardens. Nowadays, most people just don’t want to have one single houseplant and they are applying what they know to their indoor garden. You can keep your garden healthy during the winter months. These trends seem to be related to those people that can’t afford a home, people downsizing to condos or homes, or people just having less time.

Rethinking outdoor experiences

People are now expanding their minds to different ideas. People are using outdoor furniture for different reasons and to individualize outdoor spaces.

Lighting schemes

Lighting with LED lights has drastically changed. Even though there it is a bigger upfront cost, there are long time energy savings and the quality is getting better. These lighting schemes can be controlled with smart home technology. Port is known for special occasions and party lighting. You can use a softer lighting tone to highlight different plants and pathways in your house.

Now everything that you do outside you can do inside too. Fireplaces, grills, areas with heat etc. can all be used indoors as well. Fire pits are getting more and more advanced and people are using them differently.

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