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Enjoying the benefits of motorized shades

Enjoying the benefits of motorized shades

Enjoying the benefits of motorized shades

Home automation is not a sci-fi movie feature anymore, it is more real than ever and you can easily reach to it; bring the future into your home today, contacting a reliable Scarsdale home automation company that can provide you with high-quality home automation systems that will make your life and your family’s a lot simpler.

You don’t have to start with a big fuzz, home automation doesn’t have to be an overnight change and you can start with small, simple modifications that bring benefit from the first moment, like the Lutron Triathlon Shades.

The Sivoia QS Triathlon is the ultimate motorized shading system for homes and businesses, and it has proven to be not only flexible and fashionable but also, affordable. Easy to install and maintain, this battery-powered solution comes in an insulating honeycomb style or as a new roller shade, available in a huge variety of fabrics, colors and textures; that fit perfectly into your own spaces, combining aesthetics and functionality that can be easily controlled with just one button; whether they work alone or integrated to an entire home automation system.

But what are the benefits of a motorized shading system?

It takes just a visit to a Scarsdale home automation experience center to realize all the benefits home automation can bring to your life. A few unexpected benefits of motorized shading systems are:

  • Increased privacy
    Does your bathroom or bedroom have windows that are in the visual field of your neighbors? If you don’t want them nosing into your private business and daily activities, these blinds that can be easily controlled with just a button will make things a lot easier when it comes to protecting your privacy.
  • Convenience
    Push a button and close all the shades in the room, you don’t have to sacrifice comfort or time anymore, opening or closing your shades one by one.
  • Expenses reduction
    Excessive sun exposure damages more than your skin, your furniture and other appliances can also be negatively affected by prolongated and intense sun exposure. Having motorized shades that you can program and control with a remote will make it a lot easier to protect your furniture and save you a lot of money in the process. This is also a quick and easy way to revamp your home interiors and create a pleasant ambience without splurging in a massive redecoration project.
  • Home’s value increment
    Home automation systems immediately increase the value of your home. All the features a motorized window treatment offers you, from following the weather to adjust the height to your preference or simulating presence by scheduling operations while you’re not actually in the house are just a few of the things that add up positively to the value of a property.
  • Security
    Keep your pets and your curious children safe and prevent intruders from knowing more than they should about you and your family’s daily routines. Program your shades to operate during your holiday weekend or to guard your children’s privacy whilst they’re alone at home.
  • Appeal
    Turning your living room into a movie theater or give a new look to your interior spaces it’s a great way to keep your home looking sharp, cozy, and inviting.
  • Fun
    Forget the alarm clock, set up your shades to let the sun in at a specific hour in the morning or close the blinds at a fixed time of the day. Behave and don’t play with the remote too much but have fun making your shades operate according to your lifestyle and daily routines, guaranteeing not only efficient performance but also more leisure time.

If you want to experience first hand the benefits of Lutron Triathlon Shades, you have to visit Cyber Technologies Home Automation Experience Center, make an appointment today or contact by phone, calling at 212-479-0830.