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3 steps to choose the right garage door opener

3 steps to choose the right garage door opener

3 steps to choose the right garage door opener

There are several different types of garage door openers, and you may become overwhelmed with the wide variety of openers available. However, there are 3 basic aspects you must take into consideration when choosing your new garage door opener: they are drive system, power, and safety features. After reading this article, you’ll know exactly how to choose the right garage door opener that will work smoothly for years (with little or no maintenance), and will allow you to get inside (and outside) your home easily – just by pressing a button.

Drive System

There are 3 different types of drives, and the best drive for you depends on your preferences and budget:

  • Chain Drive: This drive uses a metal chain to move the door up and down. It’s the most commonly used drive and also the least expensive. It makes a lot of noise, so if you (or your family) don’t want to be bothered by the sound of the garage door, then you’ve got to consider other options, especially if your garage is under a bedroom or close to a room where you don’t want to hear loud noises all day long.
  • Screw Drive: This drive is powerful and has few moving parts, so it requires the least maintenance and will work for years (as long as there’s proper lubrication). These drives are significantly quieter than chain drives, and are very effective for single-car garage doors or steel doors.
  • Belt Drive: The smoothest drive system you can buy. Instead of a metal chain, these drives use a rubber belt to lift the door, and this makes them extremely quiet. Besides, belt drives can easily lift the heaviest garage doors without any trouble.

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A ½ HP garage door opener is usually recommended for a standard two-car garage door (16 ft. wide and 8 ft. tall, wooden and insulated doors). On the other hand, ¾ HP openers are the best for heavy doors (more than 16 ft. wide) made from heavy materials (such as wood or steel).

In addition, well-insulated doors and one-piece wooden doors can put extra strain on your typical ½ HP garage door opener, and will make them burn out relatively fast. For heavy doors, you’ve got to install a ¾ HP garage door opener, as these lasts longer and can lift almost any door with zero difficulty.


You must make sure your garage door opener has an infrared sensor that stops the door if something (anything) is in the way (so your garage door opener complies with federal regulations).

Also, your garage door opener must feature a manual emergency release (a cord that disconnects the opener from the door), because this will allow you to manually lift the door in case of emergency or malfunction. Alternatively, an opener with a backup battery will let you use your garage door when there’s a power outage.

Furthermore, your opener must use rolling codes (this means your security code will change after every time you open the door). This is very important because it keeps burglars from getting access to the code that opens the door, and ensures your neighbor’s remote control won’t open your garage.

Nevertheless, when you’re going to buy your new garage door opener, you have to contact a qualified company that will help you choose the right opener, and will give you an extensive list of first-class products and manufacturers to choose from. That’s why, if you’re going to buy a garage door opener, then don’t hesitate to call Hudson Valley Overhead Doors & Operators, the premier provider of garage door (and opener) installation and repair services in the Hudson Valley.

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