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The Best American Cars of All Time

The Best American Cars of All Time

The Best American Cars of All Time

This 4th of July we want to celebrate America and all the great things about our country, and something that has been an icon of American culture is its vehicles, especially cars.

The US is the cradle of many of the bests cars in the world and we have a round-up of the most iconic American cars of all time.


  1. Ford Thunderbird

This American classic dates from 1955 and originally it was meant to be a Corvette competitor. It achieved great success as a personal luxury cruiser and it’s convertible form elevates its already handsome look. If you watched James Bond’s Die Another Day, you’ll notice Halle Berry driving one.





  1. Plymouth/Chrysler Prowler

The Prowler screams “USA” like no other. This prefabricated hotrod used to be sold as a Plymouth till the brand’s ultimate demise, and then it was sold under Chrysler’s brand for a while longer. With an arrogant and daring look yet a rather lousy performance, this is what we call a statement car.





  1. Pontiac Firebird

Out for the first time in 1967, this Pontiac had an indelible impact on American pop culture. After gaining notoriety through the Rockford Files and Knight Rider, this car became one of America’s must-drives for decades.



  1. Mercury Eight

In 1949 the Mercury Eight was the coolest thing on the road. James Dean drove one in Rebel Without a Cause and if your granddad was one of the cool kids, he probably had one. Its demise was perceived as a mixed blessing but it didn’t prevent to stand among the all-time American cars.





  1. Saleen S7

With a mid-engine, the S7 made it very loud and clear that “yes we can” is more than a valid statement. American-born the Saleen S7 had  twin-turbo V8s and the visual punch of its European competitors often outrunning them on the road and in racing. We wish it still was as easy to maintain as it used to.





  1. Cadillac Eldorado Convertible

Starting in 1953 and until 1976 the Eldorado Convertible and its “Standard of the World” slogan where ate the top of the game. Luxurious and flashy, Eldorado stood for look-at-me appearance in excess, even after its glory days. This car became one of the ultimate American classics even though it is regarded as a bloated anachronism with a 500 cubic-inch V8.




  1. Tri-Five Chevrolets

This was a staple of American car culture in the 1950s. Great design and an optional new small-block V8. made these Chevys as cool as the Corvettes of the day, which justifies the high prices collectors pay for this automotive jewel. That’s why this is revered as an all-time American car yet today.




  1. Dodge Viper

The Viper ACR that beaten the single-lap record at Mazda Raceway Laguna Seca at the hands of Chris Winkler, it’s just one of the reasons why this vehicle became an icon.




  1. Ford Mustang

Ford’s ultimate “Pony car” launched the segment in the industry and continues to define it. Even though Chevy and Dodge compete directly with pony cars of their own, the Ford Mustang is the American Classic that never quits. In 2011 their lineup of V6, V8 and Shelby models has been  the best yet. Driving a Mustang today has proven just as inspiring as it was in 1964.


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  1. Chevrolet Corvette

Straight form the 50s and with almost six decades of life, the Corvette is America’s sports car. Although int he beginning, backs in the day it was an underdog and its demise seemed certain; today’s C6, with its ungodly powerful ZR1 package, is the most the living proof of the potential that domestic cars can have.




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