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How important is it to maintain your gutters?

How important is it to maintain your gutters?

How important is it to maintain your gutters?

Most homeowners don’t think about their gutters being an important part of their house. But understanding the importance of maintaining your gutters could prevent some unwanted home repair cost in the future.

Its best to first look at what are gutters used for and why are they important? Gutters are used to funnel water of the roof and away from your house. The reason this is important is because broken or unclean gutters can cause the following:

  1. Leaking gutters-this is probably the most common problem with gutters and if left unsolved can cause major damage to the exterior of the house as well as to the guttering itself.
  2. Leaking roof-this can be created from the gutters not being able to maintain the water drainage from the roof. This is a problem because during winter times snow may build up and cause dangerous amounts of weight on the roof which in part could create damages to the roof as well as the gutters.
  3. Rotten wood- some houses are build with wooden foundation. If the gutters are not draining properly this can cause an accumulation of water which could lead to the wood rotting and structural problems to the building.
  4. Bug infestations- the bugs will be attracted to the moisture built up areas and over time bug infestations could occur all over the areas of the gutter that is are not functioning properly.

This is just a few of the many issues that can be created from poorly maintained or broken guttering.
If you think this is all a bit extreme then you need to remember that it can happen to anyone in any area. Yes areas with high levels of rainfall year round need to be maintained on a more regular basis but what needs to be considered is that experts have calculated that for every one inch of rainfall on a standard sided house this leads to around 500 gallons of rainfall from runoff. Now if you think about a heavy rainfall that may hit your area the amount of pressure that your gutters will be under will be even greater and if they are weak or poorly maintained this can lead to the issues previously stated and in turn large costs.

But there is no need to worry about this as there are professional out there that have expert knowledge and experience to deal with these problems. One such is Westchester Gutter Cleaning; the team over in Westchester gutter cleaning are experts in caring, cleaning and maintaining your house so that you don’t have to worry about these issues. Climbing up on the roof or using a ladder can be dangerous and cleaning all of your gutters can be timely. With free time hard to find these days the last thing people want to be doing is worrying and cleaning their gutters. This is why Westchester guttering cleaning are perfect.

For more detail and to learn more about the importance and experience that they provide give them a call today at 914-720-4600 for your free estimate and consultation and next time it rains or snows, remember to give your gutters a head nod to thank them for protecting your home.

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