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New Rochelle Fence Contractor – Chain Link Fencing

New Rochelle Fence Contractor – Chain Link Fencing

New Rochelle Fence Contractor – Chain Link Fencing

Chain-link is an economical option for fencing providing durability, safety, and needing very little maintenance. It is most commonly used for sport fields, parks, schools, and industrial facilities as well as homes.

Now chain link fencing comes with more options to increase its attractiveness and be more customizable. Generic galvanized chain link fencing can be installed or vinyl-coated chain link in black or green. Vinyl-coated chain link tends to last longer than galvanized.

Chain-link fence installation – New Rochelle Fence Contractor

Campanella Fence offers hassle-free, professional installation of chain-link fencing. Our team of experts will take care of your chain link fence installation from beginning to end. Chain link is an affordable choice and can secure large properties. We offer galvanized chain link or vinyl-coated black or green chain link fencing.

Chain-link fence maintenance – New Rochelle Fence Contractor

Apart from its affordability, chain-link fencing is very low-maintenance and this is another major selling point. All it requires is an annual cleaning with soap, water, and a scrub brush. It is resistant to harsh weather conditions and will last many years.


Although chain link fences don’t offer much privacy, small trees, shrubs, and vines can all add more privacy to chain link fencing as well as adding privacy slats.

Campanella Fence takes pride in providing commercial and residential solutions to clients in the Putnam, Westchester, and Dutchess counties. If you need a professional New Rochelle Fence Contractor, Irvington Fence Contractor, Bedford Hills Fence Contractor, or Greenburgh Fence Contractor, give Campanella Fence a call today for a free at home consultation.

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