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Your Pipes Are Gross. Here’s How To Clean Them.

Your Pipes Are Gross. Here’s How To Clean Them.

Your Pipes Are Gross. Here’s How To Clean Them.

With a genie and some wishes, you’d might just so briefly consider eliminating clogged drains from your life entirely. It’s one of those things that you never much cared about, and then suddenly, you’re a homeowner, and now you cringe at the thought of it. Yes, drains get clogged. All of them. And the longer you ignore them, the worse they get. And if you own a septic system, that neglect can plateau in expensive and rather nauseating fashion.

Owning a home takes a certain level of organization, proactivity, and reactivity. You need to keep things tidy and keep tabs on that which is and is not working as it should. That’s the organization bit. You also need to anticipate what stuff that you think is probably going to stop working in the near future and try to address it and fix it before it happens. That’s proactivity. And finally, and this is perhaps the most important one, you need to get down to business when something finally goes wrong. That means fixing the drains before they ruin your entire wastewater system. It also means keeping up with your septic pumping. Wappinger Falls NY homeowners, for the above reasons, should pay close attention to the following information on the best go-to solutions for unclogging your pipes.


Chemicals can be miracle workers, provided that you’re careful not to hurt yourself. Pure Lye Drain Pipe Opener covers all aspects. It works like a charm and it’s also surprisingly affordable. Before you pour it down the drain, run a bit of hot water for a couple of minutes first. If the water can’t even make it down the drain, it may be too late for a do-it-yourself procedure. But in any case, once the drain is lubricated, pour the lye down the drain, and don’t be stingy about it. You bought this stuff for one reason and one reason only. Remember, and this is extremely important, that lye is a very dangerous and powerful chemical and you do not want to get that stuff on your skin. Wear gloves at all times when handling. Anyone who has seen the movie Fight Club should know that it’s a bad idea to touch this stuff.


This product is a nice alternative in case you’d rather not risk burning the heck out of your skin. It’s called the Cobra Zip-it drain cleaning tool. It’s a bendable tube with spikes that will lift the gunk and excess up out of your drain as opposed to trying to flush it down the tubes. It works relatively well, provided that you don’t mind the atrocious stench and getting your hands filthy.


You’ve surely already heard of this one, but the truth is that it’s not really as effective as you’d assume. You can use it to unclog the shower because it works well with hair and dirt. But you can render this stuff practically useless in the kitchen. So keep that in mind when planning your next trip to the store.

Sooner or later, it doesn’t matter what kind of solution you use, you’re going to have to hire a professional to clean out the system. Jones Septic provides septic system installation, septic cleaning, and septic pumping. Wappinger Falls NY is one of several areas throughout New York in which they operate. For more information, call them today at 845 452 1123.