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Why To Preserve The Bacteria In Your Septic Tank

Why To Preserve The Bacteria In Your Septic Tank

Why To Preserve The Bacteria In Your Septic Tank

You don’t have to be a septic tank aficionado. You don’t need to study every nook and crannie. In fact, you could probably get through life just fine knowing very little about septic tanks altogether. But if you own any property in a remote area that happens to be just far enough away from the rest of civilization for there not to be any functioning sewage system, you might just want to educate yourself on the bare bones basics of how the system works. And among those bare bone basics is the nitty gritty details of bacteria. Indeed, it’s the bacteria that keep the whole thing working for decades on end without a problem (provided the owner is responsible with his or her Septic Pumping. Wappingers Falls NY is among those locations with residents who could benefit from learning why it’s not a good idea to kill those bacteria.

The way a septic system works is it allows wastewater to drain from a home, or sometimes business, through a series of pipes into a giant tank where the wastewater is cleaned and eventually released into the soil. How is it cleaned? With the bacteria of course. Hence why it is crucial that you keep those little guys alive and well. They make a much bigger difference than you think. If you neglect to care for the bacteria, the water will not be cleaned, and the surrounding environment will be contaminated. That bears consequences no only for you, but for every living thing around you. Plus, you’ll probably get fined. And who needs that?

Most modern septic systems have two main compartments, the first of which filters around the solid matter by letting it sink, where it is consumed and digested by the bacteria. Meanwhile, the scum rises and the filtered, solid-matterless water enters the second compartment, where essentially the same series of events takes place but to a further degree. By the end of the second phase, the water should be sufficiently purified to be released into the environment. That’s not to say it’s necessarily drinkable. So don’t go diving in just yet. But it will be clean enough not to cause any hazards.

So how do you keep from killing these microscopic cleaning machines? Well first of all, you’re going to want to be conscious of how much chemicals you put down your drains. You can use all of the standard detergent for clothes and dishes. The key is not to put anything in excess, and to never put anything that cannot dissolve. No coffee grounds. No cooking oil. No q-tips. Not even paper towels. Also, be sure to get your periodic cleaning. This should be done at least every three or so years. Sometimes more frequently if you use a lot of water. You can get a gauge on this by speaking to a professional.

Learn more about how to keep your septic system clean, functional, and free of clogging or other problems. Jones Septic offers everything from septic system installation, to cleaning and pumping, and maintenance and inspections. Contact them today at 845-452-1123 for your Septic Pumping Wappingers Falls NY.

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