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Put An End To Your NY Property Disputes

Put An End To Your NY Property Disputes

Put An End To Your NY Property Disputes

In modern society, we have the capacity to stay completely within the lines of our own agendas, just so long as we follow the rules. Plainly put, New York has a lot of people, all with different agendas, which means New York has a lot of rules. Many of those rules are in the form of property laws. If you’re a resident of one of the nation’s most populous cities and you cherish your personal space, here’s everything you need to know to make sure your neighbors follow the same rules you do, so you can avoid those petty disputes that ultimately leave everyone dissatisfied. This article will tell you everyone you need to know about tree laws, property laws, and most importantly, fence laws (you can learn all you need to know and get a great deal on fence installation with the local Armonk fence contractor Quality Best Fence).

Tree Laws

In the event that a neighbor inflicts damage unto a tree that is within your property lines, you reserve the right to recover said damages, which can amount to the full price of the tree or the cost of its replacement, both of which can be determined by a specialist. And in New York, if you can prove it was deliberate (because New York is a weird place where sometimes people intentionally inflict damage on their neighbors’ trees), you can also tack on additional damages fees on top of the initial recovery expenses. And if you really want to take matters to the extreme, you always have your all-American right to sue, in which case you may want to look here for additional information about lawsuits.

Fence Laws

Getting a bit irritated with your neighbors crossing your boundaries? It didn’t much bother you the first time, but months have passed and you’ve just about had it. There are property lines for a reason and you intend to keep it that way. But before you make any rash decisions, it’s best to review the rules. And FYI, if you hire the Armonk fence contractor, everything that gets installed will be within state and local regulations, so you won’t ever have to worry about the city coming after you.

    1. Height: If you’re living in a residential area, you almost certainly will have to keep your fence below 6 feet, and sometimes, local law requires you keep it down to four feet. Those height restrictions could also apply to bushes, shrubbery, trees, etc., in which case the maximum height is typically a slight bit taller. This all said, if you feel so drawn to privacy and you have good excuse, you always have the option of negotiating a variance with the city to make your fence higher and they’ll usually play ball.
    2. Maintenance: If you feel so obliged to have a boundary fence built, explicitly defining where your property ends and theirs begin, you both will be responsible for maintaining it. If you’re not happy with that arrangement, you’ll have to settle that with your neighbor until you come to an official agreement. And if you or your neighbor chooses to move, a new agreement must be met with the new owners.

So that settles it. The next time you see some territorial injustice in your neighborhood you’ll have the expertise to put an end to it. Make your property prettier and your boundaries defined. Give Armonk fence contractor Quality Best Fence a call today at 914-737-8700 or contact them online anytime.