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Septic tank services

Septic tank services

Septic tank services

A septic tank is a concrete, plastic, or fiberglass tank placed under ground with lines running from the septic tank that are called leach lines, these lines take away the excess water and deposit it under ground to drain thru the rocks and other under ground material to future purify the waste water once it leaves the tank. The septic tank will have more than one chamber. The first chamber is larger than the second, and it is where most of the solids known as sludge, settle. The second somewhat smaller chamber is where the waste water is further purified. A septic tank is used in areas where no city sewers are available. They are used the same as a sewer system to dispose of waste water from bathrooms, showers and all other drains in the home.

Anaerobic bacterial digestive activity on the sludge breaks it down; once this happens the sludge becomes stabilized and does not rot anymore. The somewhat purified water then moves to the second chamber. The digestion and settlement of the organic matter continues. The time in the second chamber is less than the first. This is where the waste water leaves the tank and is directed to the drain fields where any impurities that remain get decomposed naturally.

Jones Septic provides complete septic tank services to residential as well as commercial properties in the Dutchess County area. Although located in Poughkeepsie, Jones Septic provides tank inspection, cleaning and pumping, repair, and installation for the towns of Wappingers Falls, Fishkill, Pawling, Pleasant Valley, Millbrook, Hopewell, Wappingers and many more.

While septic tanks are designed for long-term use, most systems fail prematurely due to improper maintenance and neglect. Thorough cleaning and inspection helps ensure that any small problems that could have developed are caught before becoming more costly issues later. Waiting too long before getting your tank serviced can lead to a horrible chain reaction from sludge build-up to system failure to unpleasant smell, ground moisture, and nonfunctional home drainage.

Jones Septic has been providing prompt service, reasonable rates, and free estimates to residents and businesses in the Hudson Valley. They have the equipment and expertise needed to handle any situation in a timely and courteous manner. Jones prides itself on working directly with customers to determine the best schedule for semi-annual maintenance and emergency problems. After 60 years in business, you can be assured Jones Septic is the best to help you service and repair your septic tank.

Septic tanks are recommended to be cleaned every three to five years. For any routine or emergency situation, Jones ensures that it can be completed with quality and care by their expert team. With trusted care and expertise in the septic tank business, Hudson Valley residents and businesses come back to Jones Septic time and time again. services include:

Septic Pumping Beacon NY Septic Pumping Pawling NY
Septic Pumping Amenia NY Septic Pumping Pleasant Valley NY
Septic Pumping Beekman NY Septic Pumping Red Hook NY
Septic Pumping Dover NY Septic Pumping Rhinebeck NY
Septic Pumping Fishkill NY Septic Pumping Union Vale NY
Septic Pumping Hyde Park NY Septic Pumping Wappinger NY
Septic Pumping LaGrange NY Septic Pumping Millbrook NY
Septic Pumping Milan NY Septic Pumping Millerton NY
Septic Pumping Tivoli NY Septic Pumping Wappingers Falls NY
Septic Pumping Wingdale, NY Septic Pumping Hopewell Junction, NY
Septic pumping Stanfordville, NY Septic pumping Staatsburg, NY
Septic pumping Salt point, NY Septic pumping Poughquag, NY
Septic Pumping Stormville NY Septic Pumping Pine Plains NY
Septic Pumping LaGrangeville NY Septic Pumping Mabbettsville NY
Septic Pumping Rhinecliff NY Septic Pumping Patterson NY
Septic Pumping North East NY Septic Pumping Bangall NY
Septic Pumping Annandale on Hudson NY