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What is a septic tank and how does it work?

What is a septic tank and how does it work?

What is a septic tank and how does it work?

A septic tank is an important component of your septic system. It serves as a settling basin where solids accumulate and gradually get broken down bacteria. Some of the organic waste is actually liquefied by this natural decomposition; however, the remaining waste accumulates at the bottom as a layer of sludge. Additionally, a small amount of this waste (mostly oils and fats) may float to the top of the tank to form a layer of semi-solid scum.

The population living in city areas, which have never had the pleasure of maintaining a septic system or even had the experience of pumping out their systems, simply flush their toilets and send their troubles away down the drain. However, most of these people pay a considerably monthly bill, usually between $70 to $180, for this service.

People living in rural areas learn about the maintenance and working of their septic systems. Most times a septic tank is connected to a drainage field or a seepage pit of some sort. If properly maintained, a well-designed system can last almost indefinitely. However, if it is neglected for a long a time, it can clog the drainage field. Not maintaining the septic system can result in an expensive excavation and even a replacement of the drainpipes that could cost thousands of dollars.


The most important thing people can do to avoid septic system problems is to schedule regular cleaning and checkups rather than waiting for signs of malfunction. Call Jones Septic today.

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