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The best fencing for your home

The best fencing for your home

The best fencing for your home

Many people don’t know what kind of fence material to use since there are many different types. Types of fences you can get for your home include wood, vinyl, wrought iron, aluminum, bamboo, chain link and picket. Each type has their advantages and disadvantages but which is the best? Well it all depends on how long you are going to be living at your home and what kind of style you want your fence to be.

Wood is very flexible and can fit many different styles since you can bend it and paint it but the issue with wood is that it rots and you need to upkeep it and also has problems with pests that will invade the wood. The other issue is that wood prices are rising so it will be expensive to make. Bamboo is a good alternative to wood since its super cheap and looks esthetically pleasing but will rot and needs high upkeep.

Wrought iron is a good choice since it can be cheap if you buy lower grade iron and is also extremely durable. The only issue with it is that it only fits certain styles and rusts easily if it gets scratched. Aluminum is a good choice also because it is diverse with styles and doesn’t rust but it is expensive and is not as strong as iron. Aluminum is good if your budget is big and want something that will last long and looks stylish.

Vinyl is great since it is long lasting and can adapt to many different styles but has limited color choices and is relatively expensive. Chain link is cheap and strong but does not look very appealing to the eye since it is used mostly for sports fields. The best choice for fence is a picket fence since it can be cheap since it does not use many materials and can be long lasting if made out of vinyl. It is looks great in about any garden or yard. The only thing wrong with these fences is that if you make them out of wood they will not last long and need to be replaced regularly.

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