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The Best Septic System Maintenance Tips You’ll Ever Read

The Best Septic System Maintenance Tips You’ll Ever Read

The Best Septic System Maintenance Tips You’ll Ever Read

It’s fair to say that the majority of people just don’t realize exactly how fragile a septic system is. When something goes horribly wrong (such as ghastly smells and even sewerage backing up into your toilet bowl), only then do people start to wonder how they could better maintain their septic system. Here are some helpful tips that will help you care for your system, meaning it will last longer and (hopefully) not back all the way up to your front door.

Avoid overloading your system with excessive amounts of water. If you have a lot of laundry to do, spread it out over the week rather than doing several loads in one day. You can also be proactive about water usage by opting for low-flush toilets and modest (i.e. water-saving) showerheads.

Be extra careful about what you flush. The only things that should be flushed down your toilet are human waste and toilet paper. Under no circumstances should you ever flush plastic down your toilet (or your dead pet. That’s just sad) because it will disrupt the septic system and cause a lot of functionality problems. But the issue doesn’t just stop there. Even if a brand of wet wipes or disposal diapers (and even kitty litter) says they are ‘septic safe,’ don’t believe it. They cannot break down in the same way toilet tissue does. And speaking of toilet paper, it’s best to stick to single-ply as it breaks down even better than your fancier, multi-ply options.

Only use natural and environment-friendly toilet cleaning products. Don’t ever allow high volumes of solvents, fats, or harsh chemicals to flush through your drains.

By periodically running water through rarely used drains in your home, you can actively work to avoid the buildup of grime and nasty gases and odors.

Don’t park vehicles or even drive over your septic drain field. This can cause serious damage as the soil will compact, and perhaps even eventually crush the piping. On that note, never cover your septic system with concrete or asphalt (or anything else other than grass, for that matter).

The most important thing you can do to avoid septic tank problems is to schedule regular cleaning and checkups rather than waiting for signs of malfunction. Call Jones Septic today.

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