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You and your dog will love these landscaping ideas

You and your dog will love these landscaping ideas

You and your dog will love these landscaping ideas

If you are a dog person and deeply love your pets, you’re probably always thinking and how to make their lives better. And if you enjoy spending time outdoors with your four-legged friends you should consider these landscaping advice from a Thornwood fence company.

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Easy water access & gentle hardscaping.

Provide your pets with a water feature where they can drink and play, also make sure your garden has a gentle hardscaping. Smooth stones or a dry creek bed of sleek pebbles are great choices your dog will certainly enjoy.

Add a running track and keep your plants safe.

Dogs love running around and sometimes your garden can be  threatened by an over-active pet. I order to avoid this situation, give your dog an appealing running track and just to make extra sure your beautiful flowers will be safe consider a bigger space between the trail and your plantings or ad a low fence around your plants. A reliable Thornwood fence company can help you with the task of keeping your plantings protected from your pets.

Choose your seeds wisely and plant densely.

When it comes to plants and flowers chose those with no spines or thorns, your dog will be grateful. Also, dense areas of large plants will keep your dog away, Also beware of mushrooms, weeds and poisonous plants; protect your flowers and plants from your pets with the right fence from a Thornwood fence company and keep your dog safe from your plants too.

Easy ways in and out.

Your pet must be able to move freely around your property, this includes your home’s outdoors; place little doors in strategic places so your dog can go in and out of the house and enjoy the exteriors of the house with freedom and independence.

Give them shelter.

A pergola or trellis is not enough you also need to give them a proper place to hang out in the yard even if it’s raining or if it’s too hot and sunny. In extreme conditions, your pet will most likely prefer the comfort inside the house but just in case a Dog’s house is always a great choice.

Now you know exactly how to make the outdoors of your home a paradise for your pets, contact a Thornwood fence company to get professional help setting the perfect outdoors for your property. Quality Fence of Peekskill is an experienced Thornwood fence company that offers flawless fence installations, maintenance and repairs at reasonable prices. Please call them on (914) 737-8700.