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Tips for getting your garage organized

Tips for getting your garage organized

Tips for getting your garage organized

Garages are known for serving as storage spaces but they are also known for being very messy. Many people carelessly throw stuff in their garage and before they know it, they’ve got a big pile of clutter and their car can’t even fit into their garage anymore. Here are a few tips to get your garage organized.

Clear the clutter

Get rid of the things you no longer use and start clearing big piles of mess. Having a garage sale can make getting rid of things easier and give you extra cash to get storage materials for your garage. If it is too much clutter for you to clear in one day, set up a schedule for every task you need to get done each day.

Get creative

If your garage is so full that your car can no longer fit there, it may be time for you to find new storage methods. Using your garage walls for storage is a great way to make more space. A pegboard system can organize your tools such as rakes, hoses, and other items.

Set up different zones

If you frequently use your garage to do repairs and other projects, a small counter-height table with a stool that has an option to adjust its height so anyone can work comfortably on it, can be set up in an area of your garage.

Keep the garage floor cleared

By using wooden shelves that are installed high on the walls, you can store outdoor gear and other items in boxes on the shelves. Make sure to use plastic boxes instead of cardboard to prevent rodents from coming into your garage. Use painted stock cabinets to add a decorative aspect and cost-effective screw-in hooks that can be placed on your walls to hang tools, toys, and a variety of other items. Placing table and floor lamps can also add a decorative aspect and support your work areas by providing better lighting.

Safely storing hazardous chemicals

Safely store toxic chemicals in well-ventilated cabinets where the risk of spills or children getting their hands on them will be reduced.

Wire baskets

Wire baskets can be used to store items that won’t stay put on shelves like basketballs and other items.

By following these simple tips for organizing your garage, you will never have to deal with a messy, cluttered garage again.

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