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Top 5 Putnam County NY Gutter Cleaning Tips

Top 5 Putnam County NY Gutter Cleaning Tips

It’s important to keep your rain gutters in tip top shape if you want them to last a long time. Part of keeping them in good shape is keeping them clear of debris and without any clogs or pressure weighing on them. Below are our five best tips to ensure your Putnam County NY gutters are kept beautiful as ever.

Tip 1: Safety, safety, safety

As gutters are generally located high above the ground (duh), it’s important to be safe and have adequate equipment (a sturdy ladder, for starters) to keep you safe while you’re clearing your gutters.

If you’ve got a one-storey home and can easily clean your gutters using a stepladder, then do so. They are far easier and safer to balance on that your longer ladders. Moreover, the fall won’t be so great, so you that’s in your favor.

If, on the other hand, you have a big job on your hand with high gutters, either get an sturdy and safe ladder that is long enough for you to reach (don’t overreach. That leads to bad falls), or you can call in the Putnam County NY gutter cleaning professionals. Ray Perez of Westchester Gutter Cleaning always puts safety first when cleaning your gutters. Give him a call today.

Remember, never ever rest your ladder on the guttering as it is likely to slip or even break off. Also, don’t rush. It’s better to take your sweet time and concentrate on doing a thorough, safe job. Part of this is being diligent and getting down to shift the ladder when necessary instead of overreaching.

If you can have someone spotting you while cleaning, that’s even better.

Tip 2: Scoop it out

The easiest and most surefire way to clear the debris from your gutters is to scoop it out. Enough said.

Tip 3: Do a water test

After having scooped out all the debris, it’s best to do a water test to ensure you’ve cleared everything out and there aren’t any hidden clogs. The water test is simple: you just run hose water through your gutters, checking that the water runs freely without any obstructions. While you’re at it, the water test is also helpful to check for any repairs that need doing, such as leaks and cracks.

Tip 4: Clean your gutters regularly 

There’s no point putting the chore of for too long as it will just become an even bigger and dirtier task. Cleaning your gutters should become a habit so as to make it a quick and simple job rather than a hassle once a year (one that will most likely lead to poorly functioning guttering).

Tip 5: Focus on prevention rather than damage control

If you notice any issues that need repairing, it’s best to get them seen to straight away so as not to exacerbate the problem. A whole new gutter system is expensive, whereas regular maintenance and repair are manageable bills.

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